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Rapunzel Alone – Reviews

Motherhood Later
SOPHISTICATION AND DEPTH… a rich tale that stands alone or serves as a great preview for those who have the opportunity to attend the future live performances. In one word: “charming”. — Andrea Falcone, Motherhood Later

Broadway To Vegas
ENCHANTING… All events in this production are metaphors constructed in a way that are understandable for children, yet not boring to adults… encourage[s] people to think about and discuss universal problems: loneliness, being bullied, being lied about, isolation, heartache, struggle, taking on too many responsibilities and looking out for others.” — Laura Deni, Broadway to Vegas

Splash Magazines
IMPRESSIVE… a sophisticated juggling of the classic fairy tale geared for both children and adults.” — Elaine Mura, Splash Magazines

Says Me Says Mom
“Keep[s] the attention of children and adults alike.” — Jeryl Marcus, Says Me, Says Mom