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Black – Reviews

Stage Raw
RECOMMENDEDSTAGE RAW TOP 10FULL OF HUMOR AND HONESTY … For audience members of all races and colors, this show educates, inspires, and illuminates new perspectives on the black experience.” — Julia Stier, Stage Raw

Theatre Notes
RICHNESS AND PASSION… Mr. Brown’s show filled me with hope. It is a joy to experience. Go! See for yourselves” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Free Press
ENJOYABLE, THOUGHT-PROVOKING… makes an important contribution to the dialogue… entertaining, as well as enlightening” — Ed Rampell, Free Press

Long Beach Times
A MUST SEE… superbly acted… truthful, shocking, and at times extremely funny.” — Wilfred M. Phillips Jr, Long Beach Times Newspaper

Theatre Spoken Here
INTRIGUING AND CHALLENGING…  More than just character studies, Brown’s exploration of the word ‘black’ examines race from a global perspective.” — Morna Martell, Theatre Spoken Here and Not Born Yesterday

Dine & Travel
“IMMENSELY LIKABLE… will inspire all who see it.” — Jill Weinlein, Dine & Travel