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Plasticity – Reviews

Broadway World
“[A] TOUR DE FORCESTUNNING… one of the more sophisticatedly technical shows ever put on in a small theatre” — Gil Kaan, Broadway World

Total Theater
MIRACULOUS… a play and a production that succeeds — nay, dazzles — on many different levels… [Alex Lyras’] tour de force performance is both astounding and memorable… one of the finest small-theatre productions L.A. has ever seen.” — Will Manus, Total Theater

LA Splash
…  blends cutting-edge science with masterful storytelling and technological sophistication as it addresses profound questions of being” — Elaine L. Mura, LA Splash

Theatre Notes
EXTRAORDINARYMESMERIZINGVIVID AND TOUCHING… staged with consummate skill by an extraordinary creative team… [an] astonishing level of multi-media elements… Alex Lyras in a tour-de-force performance” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Stage Scene LA
WOW!… ABSOLUTELY THRILLING… the year’s most spectacular one-man tour-de-force.. Factor in the year’s most stunning sound-and-light design and trust me. The astonishing Plasticity is in a class all by itself.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

MIND-BLOWING… This experimental tour de force must be seen to be believed. The experience will leave you thinking and moved.” — Harker Jones, EDGE

LA Weekly
HIGH TECH SPECTACLE… puts Lyras and McCaskill in the company of poets, scientists and explorers… their firm grasp of the philosophical paradoxes presented by cognitive disorders delivers much of the brain-teasing wonder of a ripping Oliver Sachs yarn… undeniably compelling stuff” — Bill Raden, LA Weekly

Santa Monica Daily Press
PROVOCATIVE… a nearly perfect theatrical event” — Cynthia Citron, Santa Monica Daily Press

Discover Hollywood

REMARKABLE…  effectively weaves family drama with medical procedural. Humor – both character and gallows – is abundant… visual effects, produced by an army of multi-media experts, dazzle” — Bill Garry, Discover Hollywood

People’s World
“[A] TRIUMPH… an inventively staged, skillfully acted, provocative and often comedic exploration into the expansive capabilities of the human mind… breaks new ground as a tour de force for the solo actor, for the vigorous freshness of the production itself, and for the discussion that will undoubtedly follow.” — Eric Gordon, People’s World

Culver City News
PROFOUND, HUMOROUS AND HIGHLY AMBITIOUS… Lyras ability to keep all his character changes perfectly flowing with the spectacular multimedia effects is mind-bending… stunning visual effects.” – Shari Barrett, Culver City News
MESMERIZING… layers and layers of ideas, science, characters, emotions, and sheer visual and mental intrigue and pleasure” — Carol Edger-Germain,

Will Call
MULTI-FACETED… one of the most imaginative stage offerings you’ll ever see… reaches new heights” — Ingrid Wilmot,
Will Call for Theater

Culture Spot LA
INGENIOUS… an intriguing mashup of storytelling, pedagogy and technology… a tour de force performance… RECOMMENDED” — David Maurer, Culture Spot LA

FLUID AND MAGICAL… a technically ambitious show with a rich layered visual concept” —Anthony Byrnes, KCRW 89.9 FM

On Stage Los Angeles
A TRIP… so inventive, so present and accounted for that one might hope that word of mouth would keep it running for a long, long time.” —Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles