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Radiant Vermin – Reviews

Stage Raw 
RECOMMENDEDSTAGE RAW TOP 10… darkly absurdist… fascinating, focused, and fully involved performances” — Iris Mann, Stage Raw

Broadway World
VERY SMARTRADIANT PERFORMANCES… a quick-paced tale of greed and its consequences.” — Gil Kaan, Broadway World

Total Theater
FOUR STARS…about as savage an attack on petty bourgeois values as you’ll ever encounter… tour de force performances… L.A.’s newest theatre company, Door Number 3, hits a home run on its first at-bat” — Will Manus, Total Theater

Theatre Notes

BRILLIANTLY STAGEDHILARIOUS BREATHLESS PERFECTION… a spattering messy boil of a climax and a simmering dénoument… Door Number 3, a new production company transplanted from Portland, Oregon, makes an impressive Los Angeles début” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Gia on the Move
RECOMMENDED… Classy and well realized… Door Number 3 should prove to be a distinctive addition to LA’s theatrical landscape.” — Guy Picot, Gia On The Move

Horror Buzz
A FIENDISH COMEDY with a cast of charming and memorable characters … a darkly comedic skewering of consumer culture.” — Brian Tull, Horror Buzz

People’s World
A HELLISHLY SAVAGE BLACK COMEDY… [paced with] frightening speed and split-second delivery… words, accents and gestures [fly] about with uncanny spitfire accuracy.” — Eric Gordon, People’s World

Nightmarish Conjurings
DELICIOUS… infectious and dare I say charming in its awfulness… a stellar first production for a company that I hope to see more from very soon.” — Erik Blair, Nightmarish Conjurings

British Weekly
PITCH-BLACK SATIRE… Funny and appalling in equal measure… To top it all, the American cast nails all the different UK accents…  a radiant first offering from the newly transplanted Portland theatre company, Door Number 3”— Catherine Siggins, British Weekly