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Little Foxes – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
LUSCIOUS AND GRIPPING… a true ensemble piece… [a] mesmerizing, subtly topical revival… CRITIC’S CHOICE” — Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times

Broadway World
STUNNING…  simply whizzes by, packed with Hellman’s wonderful words coming out of the most capable troupe of actors, all.” — Gil Kaan, Broadway World

Stage Raw
RECOMMENDEDSTAGE RAW TOP TEN…. SPLENDID…  staged with a sure hand and great finesse… uniformly excellent performances… They just don’t write them like this anymore.” — Iris Mann, Stage Raw

Gia On The Move
DELICIOUS AND DELICATELY FEROCIOUS… a stunning, on-stage, never-thought-THAT-could-happen spontaneity… … breath-ceasing, head-shaking, shock & awe moments… the cast, doesn’t ‘miss a beat’… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”  Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Stage Scene LA
WOW!ESPECIALLY SCRUMPTIOUS… revived to absolute perfection by Antaeus” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

On Stage and Screen
SMART AND TAUT… unfold[s] with great style… an ensemble full of terrific performances.” — Erin Conley, On Stage and Screen

Stage and Cinema
PERFECTION A MONUMENTAL ACHIEVEMENT… Every creative and technical choice made by this gifted creative and technical team pays off. The show washes over you effortlessly, swift in its pleasures, profound in its understanding of human greed and misery — but also of human love and loss.” — Samuel Garza Bernstein, Stage and Cinema

Theatre Notes
SUPERB UTTERLY SPELLBINDING… a uniformly brilliant cast … The depth and subtlety that this cast achieves moment to moment throughout the play is extraordinary. The emotional tension ratchets steadily up… DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Hollywood Revealed
SUPERB… designed and performed to perfection, an enchanting two-and-a-half hours that should not be missed.” — Lucy Houlihan, Hollywood Revealed

On Stage Los Angeles
POWERFUL… Antaeus dedication to high quality productions of classic as well as classical theatre is at its pinnacle in this presentation.  Direction, acting and tech meld to present a play worthy of high praise.” — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

Carol’s Culture Corner 
SPECTACULAR… Everything about this production is of the highest quality…. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” —  Carol Kaufman Segal, Carol’s Culture Corner

LA Splash
BRILLIANT… Not only is THE LITTLE FOXES a fascinating study of a time gone by whose characters may find clones in today’s world – but also the entire production is a treat to the eyes.” — Elaine Mura, LA Splash

People’s World
TRUE AND ON POINT… Hellman’s brilliant exposé of greed, corruption, racism and woman-hating, with some gratuitous shooting of animals for sport thrown in for good measure, still resounds to this day…  check out this fine production. — Eric Gordon, People’s World

Haines His Way
… a sterling revival to be remembered for years to come… [the Antaeus] cast fits these roles like an elegant, perfectly fitted glove or tuxedo.” — Rob Stevens, Haines His Way