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Underneath – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
CRITIC’S CHOICERIVETING… Psychological insight, compassion and darkly comic wit” — Philip Brandes, Los Angeles Times

LA Weekly
BRILLIANT… poetry and poignancy… a dense, soulful piece of writing, embedded with the images and irony we’ve come to expect from the best of Irish drama… GO!” — Deborah Klugman, LA Weekly

Stage Raw

RECOMMENDEDSTAGE RAW TOP TEN… a very unconventional ghost story… this ghost has an infectious sense of humor” — Lovell Estell III, Stage Raw

Total Theatre

On Stage and Screen
UNIQUE…a riveting, personal, emotional, and at times darkly funny journey… a 90-minute tour de force” — Erin Conley, On Stage and Screen

Theatre Notes
UTTERLY ENGAGING… Glowing superlatives cannot do proper justice to Pat Kinevane’s extraordinary work, Underneath… the most excellent product of a master storyteller at the height of his craft. See it while you can.”  — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

LA Splash
HIGHLY STYLIZED AND CREATIVE… Kinevane draws the audience into his fantastic world with ease and humor… black comedy at its best” — Elaine L. Mura, LA Splash

Santa Monica Daily Press
ASTONISHING… rich, dark and funny… Visually and physically stunning, “Underneath” is moving, thought-provoking and worth your while; it’s an uncommon theatrical experience.” — Sarah Spitz, Santa Monica Daily Press

British Weekly
OUTSTANDING… a hugely entertaining and moving evening of Irish storytelling” — Catherine Siggins, British Weekly

BroadwayWorld, Culver City News
MESMERIZING… guaranteed to open your eyes to your own life as well as the world around you.” — Shari Barrett, BroadwayWorld

LA Beat

STUNNING… Pat Kinevane uses his body, his voice, his comic timing to take us on a trip that will make us laugh, cringe, mesmerize us and ultimately bring tears to our eyes.” — Joan Alperin, The Los Angeles Beat