Lucy Pollak Public Relations


Dear Lucy, I am so very grateful for your hard work and for all of the press you have gotten forMarilyn, Mom & Me.” It is truly impressive. Thank you for all you do. Your efforts are so appreciated. — Luke Yankee, playwright/director Marilyn, Mom & Me at International City Theatre

Lucy, you are extraordinary for theatre. The way you read all material and focus it towards what would excite an audience to attend. I thank you for your care and understanding of our theatre culture. Thank you so much for the great work you have done for us this year. You really got us out there. It was a good season. Stay strong! — Ellen Geer, Artistic Director, Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum

Dear Lucy. The Wonder Woman
!!!!! I just can’t imagine how you were able to get as many reviews as you did all over the place everywhere and every possible publication I am so grateful for all the fabulous work that you did for the show nobody nobody could’ve done the job you did thank you thank you thank you for being so amazing.  — Georganne Aldrich Heller, Producer, Garden of Alla at Theatre West

Hi Lucy, wow wow wow! Just don’t know what to say about how exciting this week has been for me, and all you’ve done to make it so. It has been a stellar experience working with you. So grateful.  — Alessandra Assaf, Writer/Performer, Twelve O’Clock Tales with Ava Gardner at the Whifefire Theatre

I have to say you killed it! I’m super-impressed with the amount of interest you generated around this show. Thank you SO much! Onward! — Frier McCollister, Managing Director SAS, Barcelona Flamenco Ballet’s Luxurîa at the Alex Theatre

Lucy — What a great job you’ve done. Thanks so much for all your expertise &  generosity of spirit.  — Tom Ormeny & Maria Gobetti, Artistic Directors, The Victory Theatre Center

Dear Lucy – I just gotta say what a pleasure it’s been working with you. You are one of the BEST at what you do. Truly. THANK YOU. CHEERS. — John Fleck, Writer/Performer, its alive! ITS ALIVE! at the Odyssey Theatre

You are amazing Lucy! You are the force to be reckoned with!” — Judy Carter, Writer/Performer/Producer, A Death-Defying Escape at the Hudson Theatres

Lucy is the consummate professional. She rocked as our PR in Los Angeles and then blew us away with her equally fantastic work for us in New York. — Diana Yanez, Writer/Producer Latina Christmas Special

You always do an incredible job.  I love working with you. — Laura Liguori, Actor,  Padua Playwright’s Mayakovsky and Stalin, SoHo Playhouse, NYC

Thank you so much for all your incredible work on Forever Bound. I give you full credit for snowballing the interest in the show. You are talented and professional, and I’m so glad you were part of our team. — Karen Apostolina, Producer, Forever Bound, Sankalpa Productions at Atwater Village Theatre

Lucy, I just have to thank you for the magnificent job you are doing promoting AN UNDIVIDED HEART. You are a true pro. You’ve been incredibly easy to work with, and the results have been fantastic. — Yusuf Toropov, Playwright, An Undivided Heart, Echo Theater Company and Circle X Theatre Co. at Atwater Village Theatre

It’s fabulous, your EPK. I will be very repetitive one more time and say you were the best surprise of the whole year. — Tania Wisbar, Playwright, The Red Dress at the Odyssey Theatre

YOU ARE an INCREDIBLE publicist, baby.  truly.  One of the best I’ve ever worked with in 45 years of doing theater in LA. Darrell Larson, Actor, The Gary Plays, Open Fist Theatre Company at Atwater Village Theatre

Best PR campaign I’ve ever experienced in Los Angeles. Bravo! John Pollono, Playwright, Rules of Seconds at The Los Angeles Theatre Center

Dear Lucy, You are the best.  I continue to sing your praises to one and all — Barbara Tarbuck, Actress, Stopping By at Edgemar Center for the Arts

Dear Lucy, I am your fan. You have the unique ability to condense information and make it available better than any of your peers. — Michael Sheehan, Reviewer, On Stage Los Angeles

It has been an honor to work with you. This play has gotten so much buzz because of your outstanding efforts.  — Elizabeth and Emily Hinkler, Actresses, My Sister at the Odyssey Theatre

Love, love working with you. — Paul S. Flores, Poet & Playwright, PLACAS: The Most Dangerous Tattoo at LATC (2014) and Casa 0101 (2016)

We can’t tell you how much we have appreciated all you have done — all the publicity we received, all the time and care you gave this production. Our success is your success. It’s been a great ride. — Tom Lazarus, Playwright and Stevie Stern Lazarus, Producer, The Princes of Kings Road  at Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA

You did an outstanding job promoting our show. Thank you for all your efforts. — Gregg T. Daniel, Director, Fences, International City Theatre

Thank you so very much, you truly are the best out there.  — Alan Naggar, Producing Artistic Director, Interact Theatre Company

You did such a great job with this show. CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE. — Susan Schulman, Literary Agent

I tell everyone you are the BEST publicity agent in town.  — Steven Rothman, Director, American Buffalo, Deaf West Theatre

You do a fantastic job. We really appreciate your hard work, not to mention being a pleasure to work with! Thank you!! — Kim Glann, Productions Marketing Manager, Los Angeles County Arts Commission/Ford Theatres

Thank you for all of your hard work. You are amazing and the coverage was extraordinary. I really appreciate having you as part of the team. — Leticia Rhi Buckley, Director of Communications and Marketing, Los Angeles County Arts Commission/Ford Theatres

You are the best!! We’re keeping you! — Nate Jones and Nick Hardcastle, Co-Artistic Directors, Australian Theatre Company

You have gone above and beyond and I feel lucky to not only know you professionally, but more important personally.  I can’t say enough about you and your hard work. — Greg Allen, Artistic Director, CRE Outreach

Thank you, Lucy, for everything you have done for me, ‘Doctor Anonymous and the cast. You really went over and beyond, and did a fantastic job.  — Guy Fredrick Glass, Playwright

Thanks! Such great coverage on the show. You are fantastic! — Chantal Rodriguez, Program Director/Literary Manager, Los Angeles Theatre Center

Thank you, dear Lucy! You are such a pleasure to work with. — Coco Blignaut, Actress and Producer, God’s Gypsy

Lucy, You make my job so easy. Thanks for always being the most efficient publicist we work with. —Dani Oliver, Communications Coordinator, LA Stage Alliance

This has been such an incredible ride and we all owe it to you. We’ve named you the Mercedes Benz of publicists. — Dee Smith, Actress and Producer, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

You really are great, Lucy. Seriously. You have just been great. Thanks. — Chris Fields, Artistic Director, The Echo Theater Company

At the end of another year, just want to say how much I appreciate you, Lucy. You do a terrific job, a real pro. — Stephen Sachs, Co-Artistic Director, The Fountain Theatre

As the season comes to an end, thinking about you and all the incredible work you have done for us this year. Thank you so much. — Ellen Geer, Artistic Director, Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum

The care you take does not go unnoticed. I consider you among the most professional and painstaking of Los Angeles publicists. — Jason Rohrer, Theater Reviewer

I will NEVER do another show without you. You’re the best, and you can quote me! — Wendy Graf, Playwright

In the theatre publicity world, you are the QUEEN!!! — Isabel Storey, Storey Productions