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Functional Body Movement – Press Release

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Drummer-turned-personal movement specialist Tommy Stewart
teaches techniques that improve the way we move and live

LOS ANGELES — Former recording and touring drummer for three multi-platinum groups — including alternative metal band Godsmack — Tommy Stewart has merged his 30-year musical career with a keen understanding of body movement and mental alignment to develop a unique approach to physical well-being that he calls Functional Body Movement.

“Functional Body Movement provides you with a better understanding of how you personally walk, sit, lift or run, and how that impacts you on a daily basis,” Stewart explains. “The stress and strain you unconsciously put on your body can lead to injury when you work out, or when you simply go about your everyday routine.”

Whether one’s goal is weight loss, core strength, cardio, greater flexibility, post-pregnancy toning or general well-being, Stewart provides each individual with a specific set of skills and the physical self-awareness they need, custom-tailoring each regimen and avoiding one-size-fits-all solutions. Although certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and boasting Power Plate Levels 1 and 2 credentials, Stewart sees himself as a guide to overall wellness rather than as a traditional trainer. His years as a professional drummer have given him rare insight into biomechanics and body movement, while his extensive knowledge of physical anatomy supports his intuitive, artistic talents. The result is a unique, creative and safe approach that draws elements from yoga, tai chi, Pilates, Feldenkrais (a form of movement therapy) and traditional body conditioning, combining them with nutritional advice and other strategies.

“I want to empower my clients with the knowledge and abilities they need to continue on independently without me,” he says. . “It might sound crazy, but I’m happy to make myself obsolete.”

Stewart frequently teams up with his wife, “Functional Yoga” teacher Katrina Chester, a former rock ‘n roll singer whom he met while touring. Together, they offer a combined external and internal methodology towards body and mind wellness.

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