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Enemy of the People – Reviews

Hollywood Progressive
INCENDIARY…  well acted…  make[s] exciting use of Topanga’s sylvan glade, the hills and woods surrounding its rustic boards… By moving the time and location of Ibsen’s work from 19th century southern Norway a century later to the Southern USA during the presidential race between Democrat Pres. Jimmy Carter and GOP candidate Ronald Ray-gun, this WGTB iteration opens Enemy up to an exploration of issues of greater relevancy for today’s theatergoers.— Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive

LA Splash
INTRIGUING… Ibsen would have approved of the original play’s changes, which bring some contemporary and contentious issues to the fore.” — Elaine Mura, LA Splash

Messenger Mountain News
ELECTRICSPEAKS TRUTH TO POWER… masterfully updated” — Annemarie Donkin, Messenger Mountain News

Theatre Notes
RESONATES with the concerns of today… If you have expectations of Henrik Ibsen, Norway, and a five-act play, put that out of your minds.” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

The Fume of Sighs
…  its message is clear” — Dena  Burroughs, The Fume of Sighs

Santa Monica Daily Press
TIMELY… TB Artistic Director Ellen Geer is a master of adaptation” — Charles Andrews, Santa Monica Daily Press

The TheatreTimes
ASTONISHING… frames an important conversation we as a nation seem incapable of having around a secondary moral concern and it makes it work” — Christine Dietner, The Theatre Times

CHILLING… Echoes of our own times abound in Geer’s update” — Leigh Kennicott, Showmag