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Animal Farm – Reviews

Stage Raw
STAGE RAW TOP 10A CLASS ACT… This musical adaptation is a timely scary work, and its current production has been brought to the stage with acumen, insight and skill.” — Deborah Klugman, Stage Raw

Stage Scene LA

WOW!STUNNING… As engaging and entertaining as it is thought-provoking, Animal Farm is guaranteed to blow you away.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Pasadena Weekendr (Pasadena Now)
FIRST RATE… strong, convincing and transformative… will leave you with much to think about.” — Eddie Rivera, Pasadena Now

LA Theatrix
POWERFUL… will give you chills even as you laugh and marvel at its artistry. Exceptional acting and delivery, creative costuming with a Mad Max feel, thoroughly dynamic staging and live music combine to create a riveting—and frightening—theatrical experience.” — Anita W, Harris, LA Theatrix

Broadway World
CHILLINGTIMELY… an erudite analysis of the human condition and the ways selfishness can muddy even the purest original intentions… So clever are Angela Balogh Calin’s grimy trunk-show of costumes, so economical are Julia Rodriguez-Elliott’s stage pictures, and so agile is the entire troupe that the whole performance seems to be undertaken by a cast three times this size.” — Andrew Child, Broadway World

Splash Magazines 
SUPERB… A talented ensemble cast adept at acting, dancing, and singing… should please any audience,” — Elaine Mura, Splash Magazines

On Stage Los Angeles 
MUST BE SEEN … A Noise Within [has] blown out the stops… an allegory for our times.”  — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

Santa Monica Observer
ENTERTAINS… a strong ensemble cast… Young or old, it’s worth seeing this swiftly-moving, inspired theatrical adaptation full of incredible acting and voices.” — Chanin Victor, Santa Monica Observer

The Fume of Sighs
IMPRESSIVE ARTISTRY… the cast is fantastic… intelligent art that deserves to be seen.” — Dena Burroughs, The Fume of Sighs

South Pasadenan
FANTASTICALLY THEATRICAL… a thoroughly entertaining, albeit disturbing ride!” — Alisa Hayashida, South Pasadenan

AN IMPRESSIVE PRODUCTION… exposes the fragility of political systems and the dangers associated with government transitions.” — Joe Mosqueda, Glamgical

Colorado Boulevard 
YOU WILL BE RIVETED… brilliantly cast and staged… Highly recommended, don’t miss it!” — Carol Edger-Germain, Colorado Boulevard

LA MommyPoppins 
ENTERTAINING AND THOUGHT-PROVOKING…The show is fresh and full of surprises whether you know the story or not, and the performances are all a treat to watch.” — Roberta Brown, LA Mommy Poppins

Flapper Press
TERRIFIC… a talented, fearless cast bring[s] Orwell’s farmyard fable to life with a fast-paced production that clips along with the help of masterful musicians.” — Elizabeth Gracen, Flapper Press

Cultural Daily 
THEATRICAL… Brought vividly to life… the actors playfully adapt to their animal characters … a welcome addition to [ANW’s] distinguished production history.” — Hoyt Hilsman, Cultural Daily

Angeles Stage 
A MARVEL of multi-tasking actors and design components.” — Don Shirley, Angeles Stage