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Anne – Reviews

The Hollywood Times
A REVELATION. Beyond the excellence of the direction and the outstanding performance of the cast as a well-polished ensemble, the text breathes new life into an archetypal story…. SHOULD NOT BE MISSED” — John Lavitt, The Hollywood Times

Stage Scene LA
WOW! POWERFUL… presents Anne’s diary in a startlingly new framework that ends up paying off big-time… A MUST-SEE” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Broadway World
A HEROINE HUMANIZED… strong directing… [a] uniformly talented ensemble… A most effectually staged ending that I won’t spoil.” — Gil Kaan, Broadway World

Ticket Holders LA
HAUNTING, made even more terrifying in our current political climate” — Travis Holder, Ticket Holders LA

Total Theater
A FRESH NEW TAKE… extraordinary young actress Ava Lalezarzadeh captures Anne’s complex character, by turns romantic, selfish, idealistic, fiery and feisty, with remarkable skill and flair… thanks to plays like this one her story remains as powerful and relevant as ever.” — Willard Manus, Total Theatre

LA Splash
SPLASH SELECTION THOUGHT-PROVOKING, INTENSE, PROVOCATIVE AND INSPIRING… reflect[s] more accurately this bubbling, eternally hopeful teen for today’s audiences” — Elaine Mura,
LA Splash

Will Call
WELL DONE… Ava Lalezarzadeh is the ideal Anne, impulsive, high spirited and bursting with joie de vivre… Even if you are quite familiar with this tale, come and bring a young person who has yet to learn about a child of the Holocaust and how she coped with no freedom and no privacy nor hope for a beautiful future – which we all take for granted.” — Ingrid Wilmot, Will Call for Theater

Carol’s Culture Corner
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED… Each cast member brings their character to life under the astute direction of Eve Brandstein.” — Carol Kaufman Segal, Carol’s Culture Corner and Jewish News

Culver City News
FASCINATING… directed with keen insight… [an] outstanding cast” — Shari Barrett, Culver City News

Theatre Notes
IMPORTANT… creates the story with new twists while keeping intact the essential facts… along the way there are indelible moments of humor and the simple joy of life.” — Paul Myrvold. Theatre Notes

Macaroni Kid
MAGNIFICENTLY PERFORMED… Looking at Anne’s life with this different perspective makes this adaptation an unusual and unprecedented analysis of this complex teenager who had hopes and dreams, just like any other girl…. I highly recommend sharing this experience with your children” — Chanin Victor, Santa Monica Macaroni Kid

PLAYED WITH TOUCHES OF CHARM AND HUMOR… help[s] us to dig more deeply into what we know and feel about what happened to her.” — Edmon Rodman, MegilLA

Larchmont Chronicle
INTRIGUING… makes the main dramatic action of the play that much more poignant… the cast is excellent” — Patricia Foster Rye, Larchmont Chronicle

Curtain Up
BEAUTIFUL… a coming of age story of family bonding, and never ending hope for survival and redemption… A MUST SEE” — Bonnie, Priever, Curtain Up