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Bakersfield Mist – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
CRITIC’S CHOICE DELIGHTFUL AND PROVOCATIVE COMEDYIt’s exhilarating in the extreme when a world premiere play strikes rich on every conceivable level… – a perfect marriage of emotion and ideas” —F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times

CRITIC’S PICKHILARIOUS… hugely gratifying… a triumph.” — David C. Nichols, Backstage

5 OUT OF 5 STARS!… Great writing, great acting, great direction!” — Don Grigware, BroadwayWorld

A TOUR-DE-FORCE… two stunning performances” — Gil Kaan, BroadwayWorld

Culture Vulture
YUM. OR MAYBE I SHOULD SAY WOW!… a sharp comedy with a sneaky social commentary subtext.” — Karen Weinstein, Culture Vulture

DEEP THOUGHTS AND BELLY LAUGHS… brilliantly executed… [a] jewel of a play” — Christopher Cappiello, Frontiers

LA Weekly
“GO!GLEEFUL RAUNCHINESS… the outstanding actors brawl and emote with delightful abandon.” — Amy Lyons, LA Weekly

Larchmont Chronicle
GENUINELY FUNNY AND POIGNANT… a joy to watch” — Patricia Foster Rye, Larchmont Chonicle

On Stage Los Angeles
BRILLIANT… O’Hara and Ullett, bring this quirky story beautifully to life. This is the Real McCoy. The Art of Theatre, when presented with such care, as this show is, is undeniable” — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

REFRESHING AND AMUSING… This show is not to be missed.” —Ben Miles, Showmag

Review Plays
PICK OF THE WEEK… super clever… keep[s] the audience howling with laughter… another win in the Fountain’s vast trophy case” — Jose Ruiz, Review Plays

Stage and Cinema
CONSISTENTLY WITTYWARM, EVEN WISE… Take my word for it—you’re going to have a great time.” — Harvey Perr, Stage and Cinema

Stage Scene LA
WOW!… CAPTIVATING… ample laughter and a few tears… both actors are performing at the peak of their gifts…. directed to perfection” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Theatre Spoken Here
DELIGHTFUL… full of witty humor, but moving”  — Morna Martel, Theatre Spoken Here\

Discover Hollywood
RIVETING…. first class… [explores] questions of art, integrity, and life” — Bill Garry, Discover Hollywood

Carol’s Culture Corner

WITTYREVEALINGHIGHLY RECOMMENDED”  — Carol Kaufman Segal, Carol’s Culture Corner

Diversions LA
WONDERFULY NUANCED… a beautifully written, touching, and hilarious comedy… a two person tour de force” — Genie Davis, Diversions LA

Los Feliz Ledger
HILARIOUS”  — Marilyn Tower Oliver, Los Feliz Ledger

LA Splash
BRILLIANT COMEDY… a clever, engrossing, and highly amusing tale … thoroughly entertaining” — Elaine L. Mura, LA Splash

Theatre Notes
EXHILIRATING…[a] brilliant, erudite script… The actors invest their large, fully rounded characters with detailed life, ranging from broad, fearless physicality to the subtlest twitch of an eyebrow. Their timing is flawless, their passion true.” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Curtain Up
THE KIND OF GOLD that should not be overlooked simply because these two actors make it look so very easy…Together these two and this quite delightful play are a small work of art.”  Evan Henerson, Curtain Up