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BED – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
IMAGINATIVE FLUIDITYFIERY… strong acting in a tale of wounded love” —Charles NcNulty, Los Angeles Times

Stage Raw
RECOMMENDEDFIRST CLASS THEATER … Callaghan writes with panache, and the sex scenes, artfully staged by director Jennifer Chambers are as steamy and authentic as they come… STAGE RAW TOP TEN” — Deborah Klugman, Stage Raw

Arts Beat LA
CRAZY, FUNNY, SEXUALLY EXPLICIT… Well-directed, brilliantly staged and superbly performed, Bed is a must-see world premiere from an important local playwright.” — Pauline Adamek, Arts Beat LA

CAPTIVATING AND INVOLVING… an ingenious set and staging” — Gil Kaan, BroadwayWorld

LA Weekly
PROVOCATIVE… vibrant energy” — Bill Raden, LA Weekly

Paul Myrvold’s Theatre Notes
SUPERB MESMERIZING… a sterling cast performing at the very top of the craft” — Paul Myrvold’s Theatre Notes.

On Stage Los Angeles

A HIT… Rough and tumble… [a] well-honed story… tight direction and strong performances by Chadwick, Leshner and McClain” — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

That Awesome Theatre Blog
BEAUTIFULLY MADE… A wonderfully funny, and sometimes painfully honest examination of love” — Patrick Hurley, That Awesome Theatre Blog

The Tvolution
FUN, CLEVER AND SKILLFULLY STAGED” —Ernest Kearney, The Tvolution

Gia on the Move
SEXY BAD BEHAVIOR… the entire show is so stellar, you won’t be able to take your eyes, ears or gut away, no matter how racy, abominable, fallacious or downright squirmy it gets…. sums up relationships in the most dazzling of ways,” — Tracey Paleo, Gia on the Move

The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses
UNIQUELY POWERFUL… I have a high opinion of this company. A high opinion based on productions like this.” — David Macdowell Blue, The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses