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Before – Reviews

Santa Monica Daily Press
RUN, DON’T WALK… Pat Kinevane is a riveting Irish performance artist who has it all; looks, physicality, emotion, power, poignancy, comedy, tragedy and a poetic storytelling style entirely unique onstage… Dark humor, deep anguish, remarkable dancing and singing, comic notes and moments of powerful rage and thunderous emotion make this whirlwind performance a must-see.”— Sarah A. Spitz, Santa Monica Daily Press

Broadway World
BEAUTIFUL AND STRANGE… explodes with never-ending energy… dramatically showcases Kinevane’s remarkable physical abilities of storytelling. I encourage you to sit back and allow yourself to be enveloped in the wonder of the visual exploration of life, love and the paths we choose to follow.” — Shari Barrett, Broadway World

Theatre Notes
INCOMPARABLE… Kinevane displays a complete, perfect mastery of his actor’s instrument—mind, body and voice–employed in the telling of a tale. He is a wonder of indefatigable energy powering through the ninety-minutes or so of a classical performance that has tragedy and comedy, pathos and joy… DON’T MISS THIS SHOW.” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

U.S. Theater & Opera
HIGHLY CLEVER… [a] great solo-work.… Kinevane convinces us that we might all be stars in the musical genre, dancing and singing our way through somewhat lonely and ordinary lives.” — Douglas Messerli, U.S Theater, Opera and Performance

LA Splash
FASCINATING… shines in ways that only Pat Kinevane can craft… [Before} should delight his fans – and… create some new ones.” — Elaine Mura, LA Splash

Total Theater
DYNAMIC” — Willard Manus, Total Theater