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DDL – Reviews

Press Telegram / Orange County Register
FINELY EVOCATIVE…. SUPERB ACTING… a beautifully lyrical tale grounded in the realities and complexities of human nature and the human heart.” — Eric Marchese, Long Beach Press Telegram and Orange County Register

Living Out Loud
SHARP, INNOVATIVE AND MOST OF ALL, REALLY GOOD… all that and then some.” — Francisco Reyes, Living Out Loud

Theatre Notes
GLORIOUS AND DEEPLY MOVING… Ashley Ruth Jones and Dino Nicandros are brilliant together singing flawlessly and passionately to tremendous effect… A TRIUMPH FOR ICT” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

LA Excites
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED… captures the poignancy of romance as it blooms over time” — Imaan Jalali, LA Excites

Arts In LA
WITTY AND APPEALING… an idyll in the canon of musical theater… touches of humor and the right amount of romantic tension” — Melinda Schupmann, Arts in LA

Grunion Gazette
AN INTIMATE, ELEGANT MUSICALEXQUISITE SINGING VOICES… [the] charming performances are easily worth the price of admission.” — Chris Carpenter, Grunion Gazette

A PLEASURE… an immersive, unusual and riveting emotional experience that will carry you away on its long legs.” — Anita W. Harris, Signal Tribune

“[A] UNIQUE LOVE STORY” — Ben Miles, Beachcomber
DELIGHTFUL… gives an audience what it wants” — Michael Van Duzer,

Long Beach Times Newspaper
DELIGHTFUL… I highly recommend this outstanding musical for the enjoyment of the entire family.” — Wilfred M. Phillips, Jr., Long Beach Times