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Daniel’s Husband – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
CRITIC’S CHOICE… An absorbing play on same-sex marriage… the actors are wonderful… expands our understanding of family” — Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

Broadway World
A PERFECT 10…[an] ideal convergence of uniformly talent of talents – with witty, realistic, heart-rendering dialogue by playwright Michael McKeever; sturdy, even-paced directing by Simon Levy; first-rate technical elements; and a pitch, pitch-perfect cast of five actors, each at the top of their individual games.” — Gil Kaan, Broadway World

KCRW 89.9 FM
GO SEE DANIEL’S HUSBAND’… These are some of the finest actors in L.A…. the kind of acting that makes small intimate theater special” — Anthony Byrnes, KCRW 89.9 FM

Ticket Holders LA
GUARANTEED TO LEAVE YOU MOVED AND EMOTIONALLY EXHAUSTED, albeit in a gorgeously lyrical way… a tribute to committing oneself to love and life, written by a splendid wordsmith and assayed by a brilliant team of designers and players” — Travis Holder, Ticket Holders LA

On Stage Los Angeles
ABOUT LOVE and the human experience of loving… the absolute beauty of McKeever’s story rings true” — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

Billy Masters
BREATHTAKINGA TRULY EXCEPTIONAL CAST… I highly recommend seeing this timely and provocative play” — Billy Masters

Culver City News

OUTSTANDING… intense and utterly heartbreaking situations, perfectly scripted, acted and directed” — Shari Barrett, Culver City News

Cultural Weekly
AS CLOSE TO PERFECT AS ONE MIGHT ENVISION. It is wrenching, it is real, it is flawlessly staged and it is stirringly performed by a handpicked cast of pros.” — Sylvie Drake, Cultural Weekly

Discover Hollywood
A REMARKABLE SCRIPT… true life, true friendship, and true despair” —.” Bill Garry, Discover Hollywood

Hollywood Revealed
SUPERIOR… an exciting piece of quality theatre and works for all with its clarity on the issues and its strong emotional resonance.” — Dale Reynolds, Hollywood Reveale

People’s World  
INSISTENTLY MOVING… McKeever’s dialogue is crisp and timely, campy and humorous too…  Levy has cast the play perfectly… I love the Fountain Theatre. In recent years it has offered the L.A. public some trenchant works that address critical social justice  concerns head-on. — Eric Gordon, People’s World

San Diego Gay & Lesbian News (
A FINE PLAY WITH SOMETHING TO SAYEXCELLENTLY PERFORMED… take tissues” —Jean Lowerison, San Diego Gay & Lesbian News

Carol’s Reviews 
TWO THUMBS UP… Cummings gives us a performance of a lifetime … Director Simon Levy and his top- notch ensemble bring out the good, the bad and the ugly of each of the five characters.” — Carol Davis, Carol’s Reviews

RESONATED LONG AFTER THE FINAL MOMENTS… Thanks to the fine production, this night of theater stimulates discussion and debate.” Melinda Schupmann, Showmag

Stage and Cinema
… Assured is its propensity to move hearts and inspire discussionsexcels in getting us to reconsider our individual perspectives and prejudices.” — Marc Wheeler. Stage and Cinema

StageScene LA
WOW!… [A] LAUGH-OUT-LOUD-THEN-GET-OUT-YOUR-HANKIES STUNNER… guaranteed to leave you profoundly touched and moved… not-to-be-missed” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Talkin’ Broadway
A VERY FINE PRODUCTION… a lovely surprise that local theater-lovers should seek out.” — Terry Morgan, Talkin’ Broadway

Will Call for Theater

If you are not moved by this EXQUISITELY WRITTEN, SUPERBLY DIRECTED AND EXCELLENTLY PERFORMED work by the entire cast, your heart is frozen somewhere up in Antarctica” — Ingrid Wilmot, Will Call for Theatre

Los Angeles Post
TREMENDOUSLY ENTERTAINING AND WELL-WRITTEN… The cast is impeccable, as is Mr. Levy’s direction… a terrific show” — Dan Berkowitz, Los Angeles Post

Curtain Up
POWERFUL… [the] players are superb… gives us hope and sadness, and perhaps hope again” — Evan Henerson, Curtain Up

Haines His Way
FIVE STARS… intelligent and thought-provoking… [a] stellar cast … If you appreciate theatre that entertains you as well as makes you think, don’t miss Daniel’s Husband.” — Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

Larchmont Chronicle
FIVE STARS… Everyone in this cast is at the top of their game and director Simon Levy keeps the comedic pace and rhythm of the piece on the mark. The end of the play is a four-to-five-h

Los Angeles Blade
MUST SEE THEATRE… beautiful performances… sparkling dialogue, layered and loving characterizations, and even-handed treatment of the issues” — John Paul King, Los Angeles Blade

Hollywood TattleTale
THOUGHT-PROVOKING… hit home” — Porsche Simpson, Hollywood Tattle Tale

LA Splash
SPLASH SELECTION… life in all its vivid and unexpected moments… a poignant tale well told” — Elaine Mura, LA Splash