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Desert Stories – Reviews

People’s World
A THEATRICAL MARVEL… a haunting, poetic rumination on identity, family, colonialism, slavery and internal migration over many generations, featuring the women as the bearers not only of children but of stories and dreamlike visitations.” — People’s World

Larchmont Buzz
RIVETING… spans generations and emotions… unique and moving,” —  Larchmont Buzz

“A magical theater experience… This is the other side of the story. One that is rarely seen or heard in the media… A powerful play, made by powerful voices.” — Glamgical

MPJI Newswire
EYEOPENING… exposes the unrelenting reality of sexual violence as a tool of colonization and the psychological impact of affecting generations.” — MPJI NEWS

Broadway World
IMPRESSIVELY AMBITIOUS… A deeply spiritual, 100% experientially female narrative that explores identity, family, colonialism, and generational violence endured specifically by Native American women.” — Broadway World