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Disinherit – Playwright’s Note

Playwright’s Note:

Starting in the late 1960s I went through a spiritual odyssey that lasted ten years. At the end of that time, I felt I had a way of understanding the world and myself that made perfect sense to me—an understanding that continued to be reinforced by my subsequent experiences. While new discoveries in science, particularly biology, seemed to support my understanding, that viewpoint was denied by the scientific community. I wondered if there was a way of looking at science that was compatible with what I had learned spiritually.

Ten years ago, I started a blog called “Beyond Evolution: Is There God After Dawkins?” ( In the course of writing it—which I still continue to do—I was able to explain, in a way that satisfied me (and, evidently, many of my readers), how we could look at scientific findings from a spiritual perspective.

This play, Disinherit The Wind, is a way of combining my passion for this topic with my lifelong passion for theater. One can experience the play in many different ways and on many different levels. Whichever way you do, I hope you will find that experience enjoyable. Welcome!