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Faith Healer – Reviews

Stage Raw
RECOMMENDEDSTAGE RAW TOP 10… enchanting… the story of a theater, perhaps even the theater, via the picaresque adventures of a carnie show headlined by an itinerant Irish faith healer … the late Irish dramatist Brian Friel’s seminal play.” — Steven Leigh Morris, Stage Raw

Theatre Notes
RIVETINGSEARING EMOTION… Brilliantly directed… a powerful, absorbing drama of the highest caliber served up by an ideal cast.” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Traveling Boy, Santa Monica Mirror, LA Media West
MESMERIZING… a fascinating, unique, and provocative piece of theatre…  exquisitely written…  three outstanding actors.” — Beverly Cohn, Santa Monica Mirror, LA Splash. LA Media West, Traveling Boy

The Theatre Times
INTIMATE AND POWERFUL… a beautiful [story]… a mystery that promises to reveal deeper truths about relationships and how we experience our lives via memories” — Christine Deitner, The Theatre Times

People’s World
A MASTERPIECE OF THEATRICAL TROMPE L’OEIL, a landmark in the rich Irish canon” — Eric Gordon, People’s World

Total Theater
STELLAR WORK [by] the actors … engrossing… shot through with flashes of Gaelic poetry and humor.” — Will Manus, Total Theater

Santa Monica Daily Press
FUNNY BUT HEARTBREAKING… Listen closely for the discrepancies, and your sympathies will take some whiplash turns… [explores] the nature of memory, love, and what draws and keeps us connected to others” — Sarah Spitz, Santa Monica Daily Press

Los Angeles Post
SEARING… The acting is excellent…. What’s real, what’s not, what’s right, what’s wrong… who can be sure?” — Dan Berkowitz, Los Angeles Post

Cultural Weekly
ELOQUENT… all three actors deliver nuanced performances on the power of Friel’s vivid language” — Sylvie Drake, Cultural Weekly

Broadway World
UNIQUELY STRUCTURED… Thanks to the brilliant skill of its three talented actors, this ‘monologue’ will leave it up to you to decide if Frank is really a shaman or charlatan, or perhaps a bit of both.” — Shari Barrett, Broadway World

SUBTLE AND MESMERIZING… a masterful tone-paean to a passing, flavorful way of life” – Leigh Kennicott, Showmag

British Weekly
FASCINATING… rich language and syntax… requires the strongest of performers…. Paul Norwood, Diana Cignoni and Ron Bottitta are such a cast“ — Catherine Siggins, British Weekly

KCRW 89.9 FM
“Directed by Ron Sossi, all three actors – Ron Bottitta, Diana Cignoni, and Paul Norwood – deliver their monologues with such passion and eloquence, you never want them to stop.” — Edward Goldman, KCRW 89.9 FM