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Father, Son & Holy Coach – Reviews

EXTREMELY TOUCHING AND GENUINE… Posey has the complex acting skills to convince the audience of all the hurt and the joy… multi-faceted, well-rounded performances of multiple, distinct characters… Bravo, Mr. Posey!” — Gil Kaan, Broadwayworld

Peforming Arts Live
“John Posey scores A THEATRICAL TOUCHDOWN in ‘Father, Son & Holy Coach’. He is a terrific actor and storyteller. It is one of our FEATURED events. GO!” – Mike Napoli, Performing Arts LIVE

Paul Myrvold’s Theatre Notes
ENTHRALLING… I laughed a lot and was touched… Under the direction of Terri Hanauer, the show is buffed up to perfection in this new, multi-media production, featuring projections and sound cues as Mr. Posey commands the stage as twenty different football-crazed characters in Tupelo County, Georgia.” — Paul Myrvold’s Theatre Notes

On Stage and Screen
UNIVERSAL AND TOUCHING. Even if football is not your thing, there is surely something in Posey’s honest, from-the heart piece that will speak to you.” — Erin Conley, On Stage and Screen

LA Splash
FINE AND FUNNY… Rapid-fire character changes keep the audience glued to their seats, while very funny lines keep the laughs flowing… not least is Terri Hanauer’s able direction” — Elaine L. Mura, LA Splash

The Tvolution
A SMART, SUPERBLY CRAFTED AND VERY ENTERTAINING work that is sure to appeal to anyone who was ever a son, ever a father” — Ernest Kearny, The Tvolution

Living Out Loud 
A TOUCHDOWN, A TWO-POINT CONVERSION AND AN EMPHATIC END ZONE SPIKE… Posey masterfully finds the comedy in each of the characters. — Francisco Reyes, Living Out Loud