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Freud – Reviews

LA Weekly
GO!” — Deborah Klugman, LA Weekly

Daily News
CAPTIVATING… the glue holding the piece together are the performances, under Robert Mandel’s elegant direction… the quality of the production is incontrovertible.” — Dany Margolies, Daily News

Stage Raw
RECOMMENDEDSTAGE RAW TOP 10… the two actors work together seamlessly, like musicians performing the late Beethoven quartets… convincing and rich” — Neal Weaver, Stage Raw

Theatre Notes
EXTRAORDINARY… theatre at its finest with great performers, a top notch script, and exquisite production design… Readers, it would be sad if you missed this show!” —Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

LA Splash
HIGHLY INVOLVING AND INTRIGUING… [Playwright] St. Germain brings to tense, exciting, and often amusing life the debate to end all debates – does God exist?… The study of an abstract intellectual concept has never been so riveting – and so much fun.” — Elaine L. Mura, LA Splash

Broadway World
INTRICATEDETAILED… verbal sparring at its apex… Book a session with Freud. The musical couches the two of them play will keep you chuckling amidst all the well-done seriousness.” — Gil Kaan, Broadway World

Haines His Way
FIRST CLASS ACTING… a lively intellectual debate… ‘Freud’s Last Session’ should be one of the first plays you see in 2018.” — Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

Los Angeles Post-Examiner
POWERFUL AND WITTY… [an] amazing play” — Ron Irwin, Los Angeles Post-Examiner

California Germans
EXCELLENT… a verbal power fight between Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis that is spiked with humor and wit.” — Cornelia Betschart de Fuertes, California Germans

Dwarf + Giant
FAST-MOVING ENGAGING… it almost brought tears to my eyes to watch an actual ‘point/counterpoint’ done in good faith. This is face-to-face, two humans talking and listening, with all their foibles and humanity, front and center.” — Eric Larkin, Dwarf + Giant

LA West Media
FASCINATING… riveting performance… refreshingly clever dialogue” —Beverly Cohen,
Westside Today

Total Theater

FOUR STARS… magical performances… beautifully directed… one to remember” — Will Manus, Total Theater

Colorado Boulevard
LIVELY, BRAIN-TEASING AND HUMOROUS… made the audience into excited flies on the wall, hanging on every word… precise, rhythmic direction… brilliantly imagined dialogue… perfectly cast… get your ticket soon!” — Carol Edger-Germain, Colorado Boulevard

Larchmont Chronicle
FIVE STARSTOTALLY ENGROSSING… intelligent humor and wry, witty jokes… a fascinating and stimulating evening at the theater…. NOT-TO-BE-MISSED” — Patricia Foster Rye, Larchmont Chronicle

USC Annenberg Media
THOUGHT-PROVOKING… shrewd direction… offers the beginning of many fantastic conversations for audiences to continue well after they leave the theatre.” — Natasha Arora, USC Annenberg Media

The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses
VERY ENJOYABLE… excellent performances, top quality production design” — David MacDowell Blue, The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses

Culver City News
DEEPLY TOUCHING… explores the minds, hearts and souls of two brilliant men addressing the greatest questions of all time.” — Shari Barrett, Culver City News

Culver City Observer
KUDOS… a dynamic duo… rocket[s] the two-man show concept to the next dimension .” –  Steven Lieberman, Culver City Observer

Diversions LA
A STRONG ACTING TOUR-DE-FORCE… tense and insightful” — Genie Davis, Diversions LA

British Weekly
RIVETING, passionate, and often humorous…  never drops its energy or focus… an excellent evening of entertainment” — Catherine Siggins, British Weekly