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Going – Reviews

Discover Hollywood
FAST PACED, WITTYSMART… You don’t have to know baseball to appreciate the humor… a fly ball over the fence. Don’t miss it. Catch it at the Hudson” — Suzanne Birrell, Discover Hollywood

LA Post Examiner
A WINNER HILARIOUS… superbly written and exquisitely presented” — Ron Irwin, LA Post-Examiner

LA Splash
A HOME RUN… you don’t have to understand baseball to enjoy the play… fabulous actors… you will laugh so hard that you cry” — Serita Stevens, LA Splash

Haines His Way
FUN… incorporates the trivia minutiae of [Levine’s] baseball announcing career with the razor sharp wit and comic finesse of his TV writing,,, There is much more action and a helluva lot more fun going on in the booth than on the field” — Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

WITTYSNAPPY… strong acting and tight direction.” — Gil Kaan, BroadwayWorld

News From ME
FUNNY… the cast is uniformly excellent… You don’t have to know a thing about baseball to enjoy the story” — Mark Evanier, News from ME

On Stage and Screen
SNAPPY AND RELEVANT… quick-witted dialogue… the audience was laughing nearly constantly… I am not a baseball fan, but I was still riveted” — Erin Conley, On Stage and Screen

Arts in LA
KNOCKS IT OUT OF THE PARK… very funny… a warm comedy in the best tradition.” — Melinda Schupmann, Arts In LA

Larchmont Ledger
COMEDIC AND POIGNANT… snappy dialogue and fast paced action” — Marilyn Tower Oliver, Larchmont Chronicle

Culver City News
POIGNANT AND HILARIOUS… skillfully directed… will keep you laughing from inning to inning” — Shari Barrett, Culver City News