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Hi, Are You Single? – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
CUTE, FUNNY, SWEET, BRAVE and VULNERABLE…  anybody watching [Haddad’s] performance would be hard-pressed not to fall in love with him.” — Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times

The Washington Post
FEARLESS…. recounted with wit and admirable, self-effacing candor” — Peter Marks, The Washington Post

The New York Times 
COMPELLING AND FRESH” — Jesse Green, The New York Times

Stage and Cinema 
FUNNY, SEXY AND SWEETLY AWKWARD… seductive and acerbic… an involving and idiosyncratic tale of self-discovery.” — Samuel Garza Bernstein, Stage and Cinema

DC Metro Theater Arts
HUGELY MOVING AND ENTERTAINING… tackles the thorny intersection of queerness and disability, extracting meaning from intimacy, and the universal pain of being judged… [a] gem of a show” — Michael Poandl, DC Metro

This Week in New York
HUGELY ENTERTAINING… engagingly open and honest, which can be both shocking and hysterically funny… a wholly satisfying show that will yet leave you aching for more.” — Mark Rifkin, This Week in New York

Broadway World 
PERFECT PANDEMIC VIEWING… the show’s generous exploration of intimacy and vulnerability arrives like a breath of fresh air.” — Hannah Landsberger, Broadway World

LA Splash  
TOUCHING, UPROARIOUS… With Ryan’s solo show, live theater artfully morphs into a fascinating streamed event.”— Elaine Mura, LA Splash

Maryland Theatre Guide 
A BRAVE, DON’T MISS SHOW. It is ultimately about the rocky road towards hope and acceptance — and how to be fabulous getting there.” — Mary Ann Johnson, Maryland Theatre Guide

Theatre Notes
A CRI DE COEUR leavened with bittersweet humor. It is raw and revealing, and a story that needs telling.” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

LA Arts Online 
HILARIOUS AND MOVING… [a] remarkable and unique tour-de-force… It’s quite a journey through the gay dating scene with [Haddad’s] provocative take on intimacy, rejection, and judgment. And boy, will you laugh!” — Ken Werther, LA Arts Online

COMEDIC CHARM AND WIT…one of the most touching and poignant pieces of theatre this critic has seen throughout quarantine.” — Kobi Kassal, Theatrely

Front Mezz Junkies / Times Square Chronicles
DEVILIOUSLY DELICIOUS…winds itself wisely and shrewdly through some fascinatingly emotional territory… Haddad’s humor and carefully organized voice lead us most openly and honestly through this wholly unique, pleasurable but scary, space and time, with the utmost power and strength.” — Ross, Front Mezz Junkies and Times Square Chronicles

Metro Weekly
AN INSPIRED PERFORMANCE… The droll ‘Hi, Are You Single?’ drives home the point that people with disabilities need nooky too.” — André Hereford, Metro Weekly

Bay Area Reporter 
FUNNYUNVIERSAL… reminds us that the disabled are often rendered invisible or nonsexual even in the alleged bastion of inclusion that is the queer community.” — Jim Gladstone,
Bay Area Reporter

Queer Guru 
JOIE DE VIVRE… through his sheer energy and wit that we start to question ourselves  fearlessly bares his soul.” — Roger Walker-Dack, Queerguru

The Theatre Times
GROUNDBREAKING… an engaging, thought-provoking, moving triumph.” — Taurie Kinoshita, The Theatre Times