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Human Interest Story – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
GORGEOUS… Sachs aligns himself here with polemical writers such as Ibsen and Shaw, who used the stage as a platform for social criticism… a thorough catalog of the crises of our time…[a] talented cast and inventive design team … The production looks and sounds spiffy” — Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times

LA Observed
INSPIRED… addresses the economic collapse of American journalism… Sachs has cooked the ingredients into a bubbling boil… Under Sachs’ direction, Tanya Alexander is equally compelling as Betty and as Jane Doe. Andy is played by Rob Nagle, who delivers solid work in a different new play just about every three months, or so it seems.” — Don Shirley, LA Observed

People’s World
VISIONARY… It’s truly amazing what magic can materialize on such a small, sparsely furnished stage, but the Fountain manages to do it every time.,, For topicality, script, production and acting, any human theatergoer with a heart and brain would have great interest in this story. It’s very human. It’s profoundly interesting. And it is a great story… Advisory to producers outside L.A.: Get ahold of this play and get it up on your stage ASAP!”” — Eric Gordon, People’s World

Stage and Cinema
A TAUT, THOUGHT-PROVOKING 150-MINUTE THRILL RIDE that takes on the tyranny of corporations, almost like a non-satirical Network… one helluva cast with scenes so riveting that you want to freeze them forever… couldn’t be more highly recommended.” — Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema

Broadway World 
IMPRESSIVETHOUGHT-PROVOKING… will grab your attention and keep you at the edge of your seat … Compelling!” — Shari Barrett,
Broadway World

Theatre Notes
ASTONISHING… a play for our times… multiple complications that rocket the action into unexpected heights… An ensemble cast of protean actors… The Fountain Theatre has pulled out all the stops” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Ticket Holders LA
SMART AND INSIGHTFUL… a slickly mounted, extremely polished production with a cast and design elements that conspire perfectly make it sing. Sachs’ striking direction is highly kinetic” — Travis Holder, Ticket Holders LA

On Stage Los Angeles
A MUST SEE WORLD PREMIERE… an examination of a very real issue that effects us all. It plays out dramatically and emotionally” — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

Larchmont Buzz
POWERFUL… astutely addresses one of today’s most pressing concerns from multiple angles with insight and grace, as well as a healthy dose of cynicism.” — Laura Foti Cohn, Larchmont Buzz

Hollywood Progressive
STUNNING… stitches together issues deeply affecting American society, delivering them with a witty edge and kinetic punch” — Dick Price and Sharon Kyle, Hollywood Progressive

Hollywood Progressive 
“[Human Interest Story] is ‘Exhibit A’ as to why the venerable Fountain Theatre, now celebrating its 30th anniversary, remains a powerful force to be reckoned with on the L.A. stage scene” — Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive