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ICE – reviews

Stage Raw
RECOMMENDEDSTAGE RAW TOP 10IMAGINATIVE AND POIGNANT… most importantly, a demand for immigration reform.” — Dana Martin, Stage Raw

Broadway World
SMART ART… the kind of story 24th STreet Theatre tells so well… If 24th STreet Theatre isn’t already on your short list, you should add it now.” — Ellen Dostal, Broadway World

Discover Hollywood
HUMOR, PATHOS AND DANGER… ‘family-friendly’ does not mean that it doesn’t tackle tough issues and challenge kids emotionally…  a thought-provoking commentary about personal integrity, government ethics, and the clashes that can arise between them.” — Bill Garry, Discover Hollywood

Daily News
3½ STARS… Pointedly reminds each of us, whatever our language, of the best and worst in our behavior… Martell’s use of magical realism couldn’t be better.” — Dany Margolies, Daily News

Capital and Main
POLITICAL RELEVANCY, MORAL TRUTH AND HUMAN COMEDY… The production’s overriding plus is its successful rendering, fashioned with humor and craft, of the difficulties immigrants face.”  Deborah Klugman,
Capital and Main

Cultural Weekly
HUMOROUS… aimed at children of all ages, myself included… what theatre should be about: a place for mutual understanding, exchanging of ideas and enlarging relationships.” — Sylvie Drake, Cultural Weekly
TOUCHED MY HEART… made the case for immigration reform and granting respect, equality, and the chance to achieve American success to those who have more recently immigrated here… inspire[es] all ages to think, enjoy, cry, and laugh” — Carol Edger-Germain, Colorado Boulevard

Fun with Kids In LA
REMARKABLE… The performances are entrancing, and the set is clever and fun” — Angela M. Cantoni, Fun With Kids In L.A.

USC Annenberg Media
PERSONAL AND HEARTFELT… [a] refreshing tone of hope… creative and captivating” — Sam Cavalcanti, USC Annenberg Media

IMMERSIVE… Artistic Director Debbie Devine meticulously brings the story to life through combinations of lighting, video, sound, and music… all the elements coalesce” —Leigh Kennicott, Showmag

On Stage Los Angeles
HARMONY… Tell a story. Send a message. Food for thought.” —Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

The Fume of Sighs
FUNNY AND TOUCHING” — Dena Burroughs, The Fume of Sighs

The Tvolution
WELL ACTED AND BEAUTIFULLY STAGED… There are few theaters in Los Angeles that can approach the 24th Street Theatre in either its quality of work or in the importance it holds in the theatrical community of this city.” — Ernest Kearney, The Tvolution