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Infidel – Reviews

Colorado Boulevard
DELIVERS… a worthwhile afternoon, leading to more thought and research afterward.” — Carol Edger Germain, Colorado Boulevard

LA Splash
INTERESTING INSIGHTS… The writer, having escaped from martial law Poland, wanted to humanize people and see things from all eyes” — Serita Stevens, LA Splash
FASCINATINGELECTRIFYING… A window on a world few of us would ever see” — Ssmantha Ronceros,

Tolucan Times

OUTSTANDING… emotional depth… complex and honest… a stellar cast and script that fuels an engaging and thoughtful narrative.” — M. Jarrett Christensen, Tolucan Times.

Theatre Notes
INTRIGUING… benefits from a fine creative team…[the actors] play with passion and skill” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Curtain Up
“One of the most FORCEFUL, PROVOCATIVE AND POLITICALLY RELEVANT shows onstage in today’s theatre scene.. sure to keep the audience viewer on the ‘jagged edge’ of one’s seat.” — Bonnie Priever Curtain Up