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Jacques Brel – Reviews

Hollywood Progressive
“I can tell you what this show definitely is: TERRIFIC… The performances are all nearly as flawless as they are poignant.” — Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive

Theatre Notes
URGENT, POWERFUL… fast-paced direction by Dan Fishbach, who gets the most out the emotional content of the show… An impeccable band” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

TOP NOTCH… It’s no wonder why [Brel’s] songs connect with people; he bares his soul at all times and communicates in a deep, fervent way.” —Will Manus, Total Theatre

LA Splash
“Brel’s songs are CLEVER, INSIGHTFUL AND DOWNRIGHT FUNNY as he takes on war, love, broken dreams, being young, and growing old.” — Elaine Mura, LA Splash

Carol’s Culture Corner
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED… we are fortunate to have [Brel’s] music alive and well at the Odyssey Theatre… Susan Kohler, Miyuki Miyagim, Marc Francoeur, and Michael Yapujian are all multi-talented singers and actors” —Carol Kaufman Segal, Carol’s Culture Corner

Culver City News
MAGIC… solid harmonies abound… an amazing 4-piece orchestra… Just imagine you are listening while sitting at a sidewalk café, sipping a glass of delicious French wine, to make the experience complete” — Shari Barrett, Culver City News