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Screwing Stalin – Reviews

Discover Hollywood
CRISP AND EFFERVESCENT, full of twists and consistently delightful one-liners….  brimming with love and sarcasm.” — Kathy Flynn, Discover Hollywood

Broadway World
LAUGHTER TO THE POINT OF BELLY ACHES AND PLOTZING… will ring true to heart of all families” — Shari Barrett, Broadway World

Hollywood Times
A LOVE LETTER TO BUBBE… [Minka Grazonsky and her friend and rival Lillie Feinstein] are the joy of the show.” — Ethlie Ann Vare, Hollywood Times

LA Splash
HILARIOUS… The cast [does] a bang-up job… a poignant mixture of funny and sad, mixing laughter with tears” — Elaine Mura, LA Splash

Los Angeles Post Examiner
HILARIOUS… great performances… the humor is abundant, dark, deep and delicious.” — Ron Irwin, Los Angeles Post-Examiner

Panorama Newspaper
FUNNY… Cheerful, spectacular, fascinating, the play abounds with bright characters, brilliantly performed by talented actors.” — Marina Drevnitskaya, Panorama (translated from the Russian)

Hollywood Progressive and Free Press
FUN… cleverly interweaves the comic and the tragic, the personal and the political… You don’t have to be Jewish to love Jews, Christians and Screwing Stalin” — Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive and Free Press

Curtain Up
CLEVER… This powerful, poignant play has many messages about atonement, apology, forgiveness, and retribution” — Bonnie Priever, Curtain Up