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Julius Caesar – Reviews

Hollywood Progressive
THRILLINGELECTRIC, PALPABLEA DO-NOT-DARE MISS… framed to emphasize themes contemporary audiences will find to be startlingly and disquietly current.” — Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive

Splash Magazines
CREATIVE MAGIC… demonstrates yet again just how timely Shakespeare can be… Power and politics have never been more compelling than in this Shakespearean play, which may remind audience members of some very contemporary issues.” — Elaine Mura, Splash Magazines

Theatre Notes
INSPIRED… The cast of thirty is disciplined and enthusiastic and give their all… Mark Lewis makes for a slim, suave, stylish Julius Caesar, who can charm and also threaten. His friend, senator, and soon to be nemesis, Decimus Brutus (the commanding Christopher W. Jones) is lured into the conspiracy to murder Caesar by Cassius (the incredible chameleon Melora Marshall)… As Antony, Michael McFall* is stupendous with a thrilling, fierce, commanding voice of extraordinary power that stuns the audience.” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Circling the News
CONVICTION AND ALACRITY… the actors dive into their roles….The idea that this historical tale has replayed itself again and again throughout the years, never to good result, is the primary lens through which director Geer asks us to view the play.” — Laurel Busby, Circling the News

The Canyon Chronicle
A CHILLING PRODUCTION… Dramatic tension sustained throughout the play to the final, brutal scenes; it’s not often that you can see this level of action and sword fighting onstage and up close.” — Annemarie Donkin, The Canyon Chronicle

LA Excites
…  the talent on display is indisputable… acts as a purposeful reminder of what we seek to lose if we don’t do our part.” — Imaan Jalali, LA Excites

Mostly Shakespeare
RELEVANT… intriguing performances… packed with passion and even humor.” — Michael Doherty, Mostly Shakespeare