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Kaidan – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
A THOROUGHLY ENTERTAINING TRIP… part haunted house, part art installation, part performance-art piece… increasingly wondrous… lovingly designed to engage a variety of senses” — Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times

Broadway World
A FASCINATING ADVENTURE INTO THE UNKNOWN… As artistically beautiful and complex as it is otherworldly… Get ready to have your mind blown… I can’t rave about it enough.” – Ellen Dostal, Broadway World

LA Splash
KUDOSDARK, SCARY AND SINISTER… an immersive haunted house setting with ghostly twists and turns… the talented cast successfully conveys the mystifying and chilling nature of these ageless tales from Japan. Get ready to jump right into the middle of these legends.” — Elaine Mura, LA Splash

Theatre Notes
STUNNING… truly immersive, interactive theatre of the highest caliber… a major production boasting a top notch creative team” — Paul Myrvold,
Theatre Notes

Dwarf & Giant
BRILLIANT… Rogue/EWP have earned a place in one of the weirdest, coolest supernatural monster traditions on the planet… Kaidan is a really good show.” — Eric Larkin, Dwarf & Giant

LA Theatre Bites
A MASTERPIECE10 out of 10…. My mind is still reeling from the experience.” — Patrick Chavis, LA Theatre Bites

Things To Do in LA
AMAZING… An utterly fun mash-up of different Japanese ghost stories… One of the best new haunts of SoCal’s Halloween season.” — Jonathan Bilski, Things To Do in L.A.

Talkin’ Broadway
A BEAUTIFUL AND MACABRE WORLD… an impressively detailed experience… I happily recommend this show” — Terry Morgan, Talkin’ Broadway

A SINGULAR THEATRICAL EXPERIENCE… potent visuals… Unlike some immersive experiences which compel their audience, the feeling in this production is always one of invitation. I suggest you accept.” — Michael Van Duzer,

Gia On the Move
AN ADVENTURE… intriguing awesome splendor. Keep your eyes peeled! You will never know what’s coming up behind, in front or sideways of you” — Tracey Paleo, Gia On the Move

Stage Raw
A FASCINATING look into another world….The element of discovery is so much a part of the joy of this production  that I will not reveal any spoilers. The technical elements are incredible.”— Vanessa Cate, Stage Raw

Horror Buzz
DELIGHTFUL… beautiful story and imagery… fantastic from top to bottom… A wonderful story, great acting, and amazing set design definitely make this worth your time.” — Jeff Heimbuch, Horror Buzz