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National Tour – Program Note


Many of you know King as a hero, as a figure bigger than life. Some of us only know the name of Dr. King as a holiday where we don’t have to go to work or school. Others, like myself, saw him marching on television, and were inspired by his speeches. There might be some among you who actively marched and protested while he was alive. We were all awed by and fearful for the man who constantly walked into the eye of the storm, and was willing to put himself in harm’s way for his belief in a better world of justice and equality.

In King’s final speech, he tells us how he would like to be remembered:

“…say I tried to love and serve humanity…Say that I was a drum major for peace.”

I am thrilled and honored to be collaborating with L.A. Theatre Works in presenting Katori Hall’s esteemed play, The Mountaintop, on the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death.

— Shirley Jo Finney, Director