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Love and Information – Reviews

Stage Raw 
STAGE RAW TOP 10DAZZLING… a heady, packed performance with bright spots of emotion, giving you the closest feeling you’ll get in a theater to being a node in the Internet…. Chase and the ensemble have not merely directed and performed this experience, they have curated and built a world from it.” — Amanda L. Andrei, Stage Raw

Stage Scene LA 
WOW!PROVOCATIVE, MIND-BLOWINGTHRILLING… Antaeus at its most risk-takingly satisfying.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Ticket Holders LA 
FASCINATING… a monumental achievement… a brilliant company of performers.” — Travis Holder, Ticket Holders LA

Colorado Boulevard 
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!… thought-provoking… I have enjoyed recollecting memories triggered by the situations presented, to the point that I will likely see the play again.” — Carol Edger Germain, Colorado Boulevard

On Stage Los Angeles
A COLLECTIVE DREAM… physically and vocally transport[s] us… It’s a trip. Climb aboard.” — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

POWERFUL AND EMOTIONAL… outstanding performances… brilliant direction.” — Joe Mosqueda, Glamgical

Splash Magazines
INNOVATIVE… intellectual, thought-provoking… a fascinating look at the multiple issues which people in today’s data-intensive world must face.” — Elaine Mura, Splash Magazines