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Lysistrata Unbound – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
IMPASSIONED…visual imagery and movement-based storytelling… This is not your great-great-great-great-great-grandfather’s ‘Lysistrata.’” — Philip Brandes, Los Angeles Times

Broadway World
BLUNT, AUDACIOUS AND OFTEN SHOCKING… The percussive moves of battle, sexual insatiability in every form, drunken revelry, and the birthing of female empowerment are each ritualized with a potency that demands attention… a potent message about the power that comes when the weak band together to take action, however unconventional.” — Ellen Dostal. Broadway World

Theatre Notes 
INSPIRED… calls to mind the fervent years of crisis in the 1960s, when protest was a serious, sometimes deadly confrontation with power… aggressive physical style of dance-based performance… [a] stellar ensemble” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Culver City News

LA Splash 
AN AMAZING assortment of talent… weav[es] modern dance and music into the tale… Enters completely new territory for this ancient play.” — Elaine Mura, LA Splash

Hollywood Progressive
“Eduardo Machado’s reworking of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata is ONE OF THE BEST… expressionistic techniques and choreography enhance the play’s conventional narrative style… one suspects that Aristophanes is smiling down from Mount Olympus upon this latest adaptation of his masterpiece” — Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive

Stage Scene LA
WOW!… STUNNING…one-of-a-kind… must see” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

L.A. Dance Chronicle
INSPIRING AND TRANSCENDENT… a riveting, emotional and memorable theatre experience.“ — Joanne DiVito, L.A. Dance Chronicle