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Making Friends – Reviews

Theatre Notes 
SENSATIONALFANTASTIC, RIBALD AND TOUCHING… Mr. DeTrinis is a vocal chameleon who creates hilarious outré characters   ” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

The Reviews Hub 
FULL OF HEART, LAUGHS AND ENGAGING STORYTELLING… DeTrinis’ vulnerability and the audience’s empathy gradually crescendo in tandem… a charming reminder that under anger and strife lie love and a desire for connection. — Adrienne Sowers, The Reviews Hub

Front Mezz Junkies 
DYNAMIC… an emotional raw space that pretty much everyone can understand and dig into… great compelling theatre… delivers with a gusto too impossible to ignore.” —Ross, Front Mezz Junkies

Los Angeles Times 
ENERGETIC… DeTrinis is a gifted, fearless, bawdy raconteur in the choleric model.” — Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times

LA Splash
FUN Tom DeTrinis shines as a comic with a poignant and reflective side who is willing to share the worst and the best about himself.” — Elaine Mura, LA Splash