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Man Covets Bird – Reviews

Bitter Lemons “Director Debbie Devine [is] an alchemic wizard of stagecraft and story… moments that simply astound… exquisite beauty and breadth of creativity… Go see ‘Man Covets Bird.’ — Colin Mitchell, Bitter Lemons

Broadwayworld “Delivers magic… breathtaking moments both beautiful and poignant… EXTRAORDINARY” — Ellen Dostal, BroadwayWorld.

Cultural Weekly “Whatever alchemy has gone into creating these tender and magical 70 minutes, this is one show that has taken flight and soars” — Sylvie Drake, Cultural Weekly

CurtainUp “70 minutes of enchantment and wonder… Those who pass the time with a Man at a crossroads and the Bird he is trying to protect should find themselves moved and delighted.” — Evan Henerson, Curtain Up

KCRW “The magic of the play is that it recognizes its audience as both children and adults… There is no scary villain like the big, bad wolf. Instead, the obstacles are isolation, losing one’s way, and the challenge of saying goodbye. Those are as poignant to an 8-year old as an 80-year old – just in very different ways. 24th Street’s production is as sophisticated as the script… don’t miss it.”— Anthony Byrnes, KCRW

LA Observed
“Perfectly polished… winsomely line-drawn video by Matthew G. Hill and exquisite original music and musical direction by Leeav Sofer” — Don Shirley, LA Observed

Los Angeles Times
“CRITICS CHOICE… charming… winsome performances” — Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times

Macaroni Kid “Magical, sweet and sometimes heartbreaking… It made us feel. It dug in deep and stayed with us. I can’t say that about most children’s theatre.” — Jennifer Hierons, Macaroni Kid

Mommy Poppins “Inventive and thought-provoking… groundbreaking theater that takes kids along for the ride” —Roberta Brown, Mommy Poppins

Paul Myrvold’s Theatre Notes “Serious exuberant theatre of the highest caliber, accessible to young audiences with not a hint of pandering. It is pure joy.” — Paul Myrvold’s Theatre Notes