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Perra de Nadie – Reviews

Fjord Review 
ASTONISHING… comedy, silent screams and downright horror, all on unabashed, unforgiving, yet glorious, view… both shocking and satisfying… this writer left the theater, bedazzled, and in a heightened state of gratitude, awareness and awe.” — Victoria Looseleaf, Fjord Review

LA Dance Chronicle 
PURE BRILLIANCE… commanded the entire theater from the instant she set foot onstage… observing Carrasco morph from one into the next onstage before our eyes expressed Carrasco’s true genius… [an] actress, dancer, choreographer, and performance artist extraordinaire.” — Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

The Hollywood Times
POWERFUL… fills the room without even trying… vulnerability, madness, tenderness and fragility.” — Jim Gilles, The Hollywood Times