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My Manaña Comes – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
SHARPLY OBSERVED…a nuanced exploration of the limits of human compassion in desperate times.” — Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times

Theatre Notes
“[A] DON’T MISS PRODUCTION… flawlessly directed… an exemplar of ensemble acting. The players are extraordinary… characters and situations that touch the heart, culminating in a sudden, stunning climax and a poignant dénoument.”— Paul Myrvold,Theatre Notes

People’s World
STUNNING THEATRE… crisp, fast-paced… the acting is all top-notch… rapid-fire, non-stop crackerjack dialogue… great expository working-class theater” — Eric Gordon, People’s World

Theatre Spoken Here / Not Born Yesterday
POWERFUL… meticulous direction… brilliant performances… Great theater reminds us of our common humanity.” — Morna Martell, Theatre Spoken Here and Not Born Yesterday

Discover Hollywood
“MASTERFUL… effervescent performances of a sensitive and knowing script exquisitely directed. Don’t miss this one.” — Suzanne Birrell, Discover Hollywood

Stage Raw
RECOMMENDED…. STAGE RAW TOP 10COMPELLING… kudos to playwright Elizabeth Irwin” — Deborah Klugman, Stage Raw

SPOT ONINNOVATIVE… Irwin obviously knows her way around a restaurant kitchen… [a] very talented cast… ingenious scene changes… Lawrence Stallings commands the stage as Peter… Richard Azurdia effortlessly exhibits Jorge’s humility, his integrity… Pablo Castelblanco seems innocence personified… Peter Pasco’s simply perfect as Whalid” — Gil Kaan, BroadwayWorld

The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses
… we are carried away by the forward momentum of these characters, their hopes and dreams and frustrations.– David MacDowell Blue, The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses


The Hollywood Times
RIVETING… Do yourself a favor, check it out.” — Joe Morgan, The Hollywood Times

Gia on the Move
PLAYFUL YET DEEPLY POTENT… charming… engaging… a testament to human dignity.” — Marc Wheeler, Gia on the Move

LA Splash
A TIMELY AND IMPORTANT PLAY… Irwin uncovers the behind-the-scenes life of restaurants everywhere” — Elaine L. Mura, LA Splash

Capital and Main
MEMORABLE… provokes a broader rumination on workers’ rights in the food industry.” — Alex Demyanenko, Capital and Main

Larchmont Chronicle
A FAST-PACED BALLET… an excellent cast” — Patricia Foster Rye, Larchmont Chronicle

Los Feliz Ledger
“A CHARMING play with a serious message” — Marilyn Tower Oliver, Los Feliz Ledger

Santa Monica Daily Press
WONDERFUL, POWERFUL… beautifully staged and directed” — Cynthia Citron, Santa Monica Daily Press

Stage Scene LA
WOW!… an engrossing, eye-opening treat… should be required viewing by any Trump or Arizona SB 1070 supporter… even bleeding-heart liberals can learn a thing or two.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Performing Arts Live
“The cast is excellent. The story is important and powerful. It is one of our FEATURED events. GO!”  — Mike Napoli, Performing Arts LIVE