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Santiago – Reviews

Reviews of the NYC production at the AMT Theatre:

DC Theater Arts
WITTY AND PROVOCATIVE … will leave you laughing, while contemplating the overwhelming allure of power, whatever the cost.” — DC Theater Arts

Stage Buddy
RIOTOUS COMEDYDELIGHTFUL… endlessly funny… [playwright Mark] Wilding has left no comic vein untapped.” — Stage Buddy

Theater Pizzazz
THIS IS ONE TO SEE… [a] raucous, intellectually sophisticated, political-spy-thriller-comedy.” — Theater Pizzazz

Off Off Online
IMPRESSIVE AND COMPELLING… If you like political satire with a twist of espionage, look no further… unswerving direction and fine acting.” — Off Off Online

Stage and Cinema
LAUGHS, GASPS, BLOOD, MURDERS… intelligent dialogue and plotting that offers some genuine surprises and unexpected turns.” — Stage and Cinema

A FIRST-CLASS SHOW… humor, drama and political satire.” — Opplaud

Talkin’ Broadway
PLENTY HERE TO ENJOY… wacky comedy stylings.” — Talkin’ Broadway

ENTERTAINING… lives up to its billing as a ‘comic spy thriller’ ” — Blogcritcs

Hi! Drama
FUNNY… between jokes the play deals with very serious subjects… Ms. Esparolini’s performance was solid comic gold; she is an actor to watch. I give it a ‘happy face plus’ ” — William Cataldi, Hi Drama

Stage Right… or Not
PLENTY OF LAUGHS… [a] black comedy thriller… well structured… five top-notch actors… scarily resonant.” — Stage Right or Not


Reviews of the L.A. production at Theatre West:

Stage Scene LA
WOW!EDGE OF YOUR SEAT HILARIOUS… comedy suspense thrillers don’t come any finer… incisively directed… razor sharp performances… laughter-and-suspense-packed [and] filled with unexpected twists.”— Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Hollywood Progressive 
ROLLICKING… for those who enjoy sophisticated political satire, Our Man in Santiago is your man!” — Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive

The Hollywood Times 
A FUNNY PLAY ABOUT IMPORTANT IDEAS… a cracking good production of a smart, funny, thoughtful and surprising new play” — Ethlie Ann Vare, The Hollywood Times

Angeles Stage
SLYLY SATISFYING… Wilding’s script, Charlie Mount’s direction and a sterling cast sustain a degree of suspense as well as a wry sense of humor.: — Don Shirley, Angeles Stage, LADCC

Larchmont Buzz 
SMART AND FUNNY, with memorable characters and a compelling plot.” — Laura Foti-Cohen, Larchmont Buzz

Splash Magazines 
HILARIOUSFIRST-RATE COMEDY… Get ready to chuckle, laugh, guffaw, and explode with glee… not to be missed.” — Elaine Mura, Splash Magazines

Theatre Notes 
CUNNING… high comedy leavened with pathos, and just the right measure of the creepy…. deftly directed… [a] superior creative team”— Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes 
WICKEDLY BRILLIANTSPLENDID COMEDY… The twists and turns are impressive and beautifully constructed, the performances absolute perfection.” — Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros,

The Tolucan Times
A SCREAM!… all the elements that make a play great: comedy, drama, intrigue, farce and first-rate character development. Oh, and violence and sex, of course!” — Laura Voeth, The Tolucan Times

Not Born Yesterday, Theatre Spoken Here
RIOTOUS… had this critic not just sitting but rolling in the aisle and wanting more.” — Morna Martell, Theatre Spoken Here and Not Born Yesterday

Accessibly Live Off-Line
A LOAD OF LAUGHS, and no secret code is needed” — Rich Borowy, Accessibly Live Off-Line

On Stage Los Angeles  
GO!… A stinging indictment, with laughs… The pleasure of sitting in an audience and sharing the laughter is worth the price of admission “ — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

Haines His Way
PERFECT COMIC TIMING…  plenty to laugh about but also something to think about…  the action and laughs never really slack off.” — Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

CLOAK AND DAGGER WITH CHUCKLES APLENTY… a sharp, witty script that offers an abundance of laughs with an admirable number of insights slipped in… qualifies for inclusion within the ranks of the C.I.A. “(C)ertainly (I)s (A)musing.” — Ernest Kearney, The Tvolution