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Poor Clare – Reviews

Los Angeles Times 
CHARMINGLY DAFFY… a saint’s play served up as an offbeat comedy millennials can believe in.”— Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

Broadway World
INSPIREDSPARKLINGASTUTE… fizzy and dazzlingly delightful dialogue… rife with humor and pathos.” — Harker Jones, Broadway World

Stage and Cinema
STUPENDOUS… compelling, robust and very funny.” — Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema

Stage Scene LA
WOW!… As unexpectedly deep as it is consistently delightful… the incandescent [Jordan] Hull and an all-around fabulous supporting cast, in particular Michael Sturgis’s irresistible Francis, elicit laugh after laugh from Atik’s audacious but effective script.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Theatre Notes
AN ASTONISHING NEW PIECE OF THEATRE… a real feast for the eyes… Is it funny? Oh yes!” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Larchmont Buzz
MOVINGRAUCUS AND HILARIOUS… [and] TIMELY… Successful as a comedy, a biographical portrait and a representational morality play, it’s truly a religious experience…. EXCEPTIONAL” — Laura Foti Cohen, Larchmont Buzz

Gia On The Move
INCISIVE AND ENTERTAINING… All the production elements work in harmony…  It all adds up to a colorful elaboration of a great story.”— Deborah Klugman, Gia On The Move

Arts Beat LA
ENTERTAINING… clear, modern and often humorous.” — Terry Morgan, Arts Beat LA, LADCC

People’s World
AFFECTING AND POWERFUL, EXTREMELY FUNNY… sharp, snappy, arch dialogue… The mashup of today’s language with 13th-century Assisi is a stunning choice, as well as the source of our clarity in recognizing truths.” — Eric Gordon, People’s World

The Hollywood Times
POWERFUL AND VERY FUNNY” — Jim Gilles, The Hollywood Times

On Stage Los Angeles
On Stage Los Angeles

Ticket Holders LA
INFECTIOUS FUN… Under the sharply-tuned direction of Alana Dietze and featuring an excellent and committed ensemble cast, the debut of Atik’s fresh and uncharted take on the classic story shines with the sparkle of a newly polished diamond… an instant classic.” — Travis Holder, Ticket Holders LA

Splash Magazines 

RICH AND FUNNY…. a sharply clever expose of our own times… OUTSTANDING.” — Leigh Kennicott, Showmag

Angeles Stage
SUPERB… . This is a play that will make you chuckle inside the theater and then think more deeply about your own response to the homelessness encircling us, after you’ve left.” — Don Shirley, Angeles Stage

The Nerds of Color
FANTASTIC… hilarious and poignant… do yourself a huge favor and watch this play.” — Edward Hong, The Nerds of Color

Performing Arts Live
GO!…The cast is excellent! An interesting and often funny medieval / modern spin on the riches to rags story of St. Clare of Assisi. Costumes by Dianne Graebner are noteworthy. It’s a very timely topic and current conversation worth your consideration.” — Mike Napoli, Performing Arts Live