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Recorded in Hollywood – Reviews (Lillian Theatre)

Los Angeles Times
CRITIC’S CHOICEPURE EXHILARATION… A rollicking remembrance of Hollywood’s place in pop history”— David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times

Stage Raw
PICK OF THE WEEK… [a] warm and embracing celebration of Los Angeles’s R&B music scene of the 1950s… original, vintagy R&B ballads, pop spirituals and doo-wop numbers… a knowing musicological evocation of the time as well as a kind of inspirational hymn to black aspiration and self-reliance… buoyant” — Bill Raden,
Stage Raw

ROUSING AND ENERGETIC… electrifying choreography… a crowd-pleaser” — Les Spindle. Frontiers

BRILLIANTLY recounts the career of L.A. music visionary John Dolphin… a rocking score [and] raucous period perfect choreography” — Shari Barrett, BroadwayWorld

Stage Scene LA
WOW!… SENSATIONALLY ENTERTAINING… snap up your tickets fast because this is sure to be one red-hot ticket indeed.” — Steven Stanley,
Stage Scene LA

Discover Hollywood
INFECTIOUS… a five star show… a musical journey not to be missed.” – Suzanne Birrell, Discover Hollywood
FIVE STARS… one truly sensational undeniably moving and incredibly fun musical play that also delivers some powerful messages… one of the best new musical shows of the decade.” — Ron Irwin,
COMPLEX AND FASCINATING… superbly hits all the right notes” — MR Hunter, EyeSpyLA

Gia on the Move
A MUST SEEOUTSTANDING… A celebration of John Dophin’s legacy and the music he lived and breathed.” — Tracey Paleo, Gia on the Move

LA Splash
A MUST SEE… Music buffs and historians will love this musical… superb… an amazing cast” — Serita Stevens, LA Splash

Los Angeles Post
AN INFECTIOUS JOY” — Dan Berkowitz,
Los Angeles Post

Theatre Spoken Here
A ROUSING SALUTE to legendary black music producer John Dolphin… wonderfully energetic songs and dances by a multi-talented cast… vigorous direction… dynamic choreography… lively musical direction” — Morna martell, Theatre Spoken Here

Total Theater
THRILLING… worthy and entertaining” — Will Manus,

The TVolution
PRETTY TERRIFIC… A surefire crowd pleaser that tells the tale of a time and a struggle that should never be forgotten… If you’re in need of an opportunity to ‘hum some tunes’ and ‘tap your toes,’ rejoice” Ernest Kearney,
The Tvolution