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Shipwrecked – Reviews

Orange County Register
A PAEAN TO THE IMAGINATION… a buoyant, exuberant adventure story” — Eric Marchese, Orange County Register

Random Lengths
AN IMPECCABLE SHOW… When a production has this much meticulous detail and is this perfectly assembled, it’s hard to imagine anyone’s not being completely engaged.” — Greggory Moore, Random Lengths

LA Splash
TERRIFIC… imagination, creativity, and the extraordinarily talented principals draw the audience into a real-life adventure interspersed with laughs and brimming with excitement” — Elaine L. Mura, L.A. Splash

Macaroni Kid
BRILLIANLTY BROUGH TO LIFE… filled with adventure, romance, suspense, and plenty of laughs” —Griselda Chin, Macaroni Kid
ENTERTAINMENT WITH A CAPITAL E and should be on your ‘must see’ list… demands three unusually gifted actors and ICT’s got’em… expert direction by Luke Yankee, a man who understands the magic of theatre and wields his wand to astonishing effect.” — Ingrid Wilmot, Will Call for Theater

Grunion Gazette
GREAT FUN… as entertaining as the title promises.” — Chris Carpenter, Grunion Gazette

EXCITING AND HUMOROUS… [a] thrilling ride” — Anita Harris, Signal-Tribune

WOW!… Theatrical magic doesn’t get more magical—or more brilliantly theatrical” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA