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Starmites – Reviews

Stage Raw
STAGE RAW TOP 10RECOMMENDED… a blast from start to finish… ambitious indie theater at its max.” — Socks Whitmore, Stage Raw

Stage Scene LA 
WOW! IRRESISTIBLY ENTERTAINING… silliness at its campy best… tuneful and clever… inspired direction… a delectable musical treat.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Discover Hollywood 
AN ABSOLUTE ROMP… amazing visual, musical and vocal arrangements… a wonderful set, projection screen design and an electric cast of seasoned professional showstoppers… a really fun show,” — Michael Edwards, Discover Hollywood

FUN AND ENERGETIC… [a] visual explosion of music and kinetics.” — Joe Mosqueda, Glamgical

On Stage Los Angeles
BROADWAY FUN… The challenges of good and evil lurk in fantastic tunes… the live music carries the day.” — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

Haines His Way
FOUR STARS… rocks the intimate space… [director Scott] Peterman’s projections are really out-of-this-world state of the art and gives Starmites the comic book look it needs.” — Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

Splash Magazines 
ZANY AND FAMILY FRIENDLY… expertly and professionally done… rockin’ music, dazzling costumes, terrific graphics, and a message worth listening to.” — Elaine Mura, Splash Magazines

Colorado Boulevard
BOLD… full of heart, humor, and fantasy.” — Carol Edger Germain, Colorado Boulevard