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Sweeney Todd – Reviews

LA Excites 
TERRIFYINGLY STUPENDOUS… cuts deep… serves up revenge not as a typical cold dish, but as one that is sizzling hot.” — Imaan Jalali, LA Excites

Stage Scene LA 
WOW!… BRILLIANTLY INNOVATIVE… as memorable as Sweeney Todds get.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Hollywood Progressive 
BRILLIANTLY STAGED, ACTED, DANCED, AND SUNG… Pass the ketchup and enjoy the show!” — Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive

Stage Raw 
SUMPTUOUS… days later, I still can’t get those intersecting fugues, those sweeping, crashing, racing harmonies out of my head… STAGE RAW TOP 10RECOMMENDED.” — Steven Leigh Morris, Stage Raw 
AN UNABASHEDLY THEATRICAL AND SPECTACULAR PRODUCTION… delivers on all fronts, from soaring vocals to the haunting make-up, costume and production design, it is a show that takes you on a chilling thrill-ride.” — Alisa Hayashida, South Pasadenan

Broadway World 
THEATRE MAGIC… humanizes each character without sacrificing humor or horror… Those new to the show are in for a treat with ANW’s staging, and familiar fans will be met with exciting interpretations that will keep them on their toes.” — Andrew Child, Broadway World

NoHo Arts District 
AN ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL PRODUCTION… lift[s] this beautiful material to dizzying heights… A TRIUMPH.”

Splash Magazines
MOVING AND ENTERTAINING… a not-to-be-missed production.” — Elaine Mura, Splash Magazines

WFMU radio
INCREDIBLE… There are a lot of good productions of Sweeney Todd, I’ve not seen one better… done in an extraordinary way that you will not forget.” — Bob Barth, WFMU radio

Angeles Stage
“‘Sweeney’ has plenty of action, and we feel as if we are right in the middle of it… there is no doubt that A Noise Within should be on the must-see list of anyone who is interested in classics and/or LA theater.” — Don Shirley, Angeles Stage

Culver City News
EXQUISITE” — Shari Barrett, Culver City News

Hollywood Progressive
A MARVEL… draws parallels between the grinding poverty and soaring economic inequality of yesterday’s London to L.A.’s intractable homeless crisis, with its shiny Mercedes Benzes sailing past overflowing tent cities… A Noise Within theatre is a blessing to behold, always with a superb creative team” — Linnea Friberg-Price, Sharon Kyle & Dick Price, Hollywood Progressive

Stage and Cinema (+)
WONDERFUL… I dare you not to see it more than once.” — Nick McCall, Stage and Cinema

The Tvolution
“[SWEENEY TODD] AT ITS BEST… sacrifices some of the romance in the play for a grimmer reality and the exchange pays off… a cast of standouts.” — Ernest Kearney, The Tvolution

The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses
NEW AND DELIGHTFULLY DIFFERENT… extraordinary staging.” — David MacDowell Blue, The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses

Hollywood Gothique
WONDERFUL” — Steve Biodrowski, Hollywood Gothique

Cultural Daily
AN INSPIRING REVIVAL… deft direction… the political and social commentary of the piece come into sharper focus.” — Hoyt Hilsman, Cultural Daily