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Andrews Brothers – Reviews

Stage Scene LA 
WOW!NOSTALGICALLY TUNEFUL, BREEZILY COMEDIC… Jokes come fast and furious… performed by a quartet of uber-talented millennials” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Theatre Notes
JOY… These performers are absolute aces, and under the skillful direction of director/choreographer Jamie Torcellini, and music direction by Brent Crayon, they are a hand that no trump can beat!” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Signal Tribune
WELL DONE, ALL… Cleverly written and created by Roger Bean, this musical marries 1940s tradition with wonderfully modern camp to bring a moving and believable narrative to life in a hilarious love letter to the World War II era.” —Brett Ashley Hawkins, Signal Tribune

Broadway World
EXCITEMENT AND GREAT MUSIC… Kelley Dorney [is] effervescent to a tee… Michael D’Elia, Max DeLorch and Grant Hodges not only cross-dress and harmonize beautifully, but even tap dance in heels!… Their enthusiasm will grab your attention, get your feet tapping, and hopefully your hands clapping.” — Shari Barrett, Broadway World
MADCAP COMEDY… toe-tapping music, scenic eye-candy, and big-belly laughs.” — Ben Miles, Showmag

Grunion Gazette
DELIGHTFUL… Fun, bright, songs. Even the ballads have a hopeful tone… Sweet and silly and totally improbable and lovingly executed.” — Sean McMullen, Grunion Gazette

The Show Report
A FUN TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE… smiles galore… a sizzling live band… [a] triple-threat cast… playful cachinnations and hilarity.” — Chris Daniels. The Show Report

Haines His Way
SPARKLE AND PIZZAZZ… a lovely stroll down a musical memory lane.” — Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

Random Lengths 
IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC AND THE FUN… The harmonies ― many of which are far from simple ― are excellent throughout… Torcellini’s choreography truly impresses.” — Greggory Moore, Random Lengths News