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Emmett Till – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
CRITIC’S CHOICEFINE AND FURIOUS… warm and vibrant, with a surprising quotient of laughter. That’s part of Bayeza’s careful design to make Till’s ultimate fate all the more harrowing… Make no mistake: You will be devastated.” —  F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times

FINE PERFORMANCESBRISK AND LIVELY… The funny and lighthearted early scenes are doubly effective because they’re foreshadowed by our knowledge of the story’s terrible end.” — Neal Weaver, Backstage

Broadway World
A TRIUMPH…an intimate, vivacious portrait… the best ticket in Los Angeles to be found.” — Amber Cassell, Broadway World

Beverly Press /Park La Brea News
GRIPPINGSUPERBLY PLAYED… will make you laugh, cry, suffer, burn and rejoice, separately and all at the same time.” — MadeleiShaner, Beverly Press & Park La Brea News newspapers

HEARTSTOPPINGVITAL AND DRAMATICALLY MOVING… integrated with lyrical movement, superimposed speech, and stunning tableaus.” — M.R. Hunter, Broadway World

Campus Circle
POWERFULFAST-PACED AND THEATRICAL... offer[s] up the human side of this historical figure… an incredible showcase of the human spirit and its resilience.” — Cesar Cruz, Campus Circle