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Chosen – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
CRITIC’S CHOICEDEEPLY EMOTIONAL… reminds us to reach across divides” — Daryl H. Miller, Los Angeles Times

Stage and Cinema
ASTONISHING… vital, alive, and important” — Samuel Bernstein, Stage and Cinema

Theatre Notes
SPLENDID HEARTFELT FIRST-RATE” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Cultural Weekly
INSPIREDLIVELYABSORBING… large ideas and strong emotions” — Sylvie Drake, Cultural Weekly

ILLUMINATING… stylishly current” — Edmon Rodman, MegilLA

Theatre Spoken Here
… as fresh and meaningful as today’s headlines.” — Morna Martel, Theatre Spoken Here and Not Born Yesterday

Stage Scene LA
WOW!EXQUISITE… As gripping, edifying, and moving a production as any I’ve seen at the Fountain, The Chosen is a must-see for audiences of any age, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

LA Splash
MESMERIZING… A universal story of relationships in their multitude of forms makes this play something for everyone – Jewish or not.” — Serita Stevens, LA Splash

Ticket Holders LA
WELCOME INDEED… beauty and simple truths” — Travis Holder, Ticket Holders LA

Santa Monica Daily Press
YOU WILL WANT TO CHOOSETHE CHOSEN’ “ — Cynthia Citron, Santa Monica Daily Press

Discover Hollywood
SATISFYING… four superb actors… I was convinced that I was watching their own stories in their own living rooms.” — Bill Garry, Discover Hollywood

Acting Solo
EXCELLENT… even more compelling than the book” — Jordan Young, Acting Solo

Broadway World
MAGIC… brilliantly presented… four stand-out actors… directed with visionary insight” — Shari Barrett, Broadway World

The Tvolution
STUNNING… ageless and universal…As ensembles go, the worth of this quartet is slightly beneath the crown jewels of England… theatre at its finest.” — Ernest Kearney, The Tvolution
EXQUISITE AND HEARTFELT… a universal paean to the values of friendship, family, and identity.” — Michael Van Duzer, Showmag

Haines His Way

Los Feliz Ledger
RESONATES… timeless themes of acceptance and the triumph of love over dogmatism — Marilyn Tower Oliver, Los Feliz Ledger

Larchmont Chronicle
4 STARS REMARKABLE… a rewarding and enjoyable evening at the theater.” — Patricia Foster Rye, Larchmont Chronicle

Colorado Boulevard
“[A] GRIPPING PRODUCTION of such an emotional story… delves deeply into the themes of reconciling religious discipline and secular influences, understanding and accepting differences, and bridging the gap to allow acceptance and friendship.” — Carol Edger Germain, Colorado Bouldvard

Acting Solo
UNIFORMLY EXCELLENT… ven more compelling than the book… Director Simon Levy makes striking choices” — Jordan R. Young, Acting Solo

Arts In LA 
RELEVANT INTIMATE… sensitive performances… a beautiful, sumptuous set” — Harker Jone, Arts In L.A.

Bonnie Priever Curtain Up
UNIVERSAL APPEAL… Choose to see ‘The Chosen’ at Fountain Theatre” — Bonnie Priver Curtain Up