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Cripple of Inishmaan – Reviews

Broadway World
A FECKIN’ FINE PRODUCTION!… stellar… smart, witty and brutal… To parody a line from the play: Inishmaan mustn’t be such a bad place, if Antaeus wants to go here.”  — Gil Kaan, Broadway World

Stage Raw
RECOMMENDEDSTAGE RAW TOP TEN… great comic moments… The script is full of twist and turns, some shocking, others heartbreaking” — Julia Stier, Stage Raw

Theatre Notes
A BRILLIANT REVIVAL OF AN EXQUISITE PLAY… The comedy is sharp and physical and keeps the audience giggling and guffawing … [a] superb cast… do not miss” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Stage Scene LA
WOW!… one supremely satisfying, (and pardon my Irish) fecking entertaining evening of L.A. theater.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

On Stage Los Angeles
HILARIOUSBITTERSWEET… the feeling of the Auld Sod permeates the show with a distinct feeling of authenticity… a good time was behad be all.” — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

LA Splash
A MUST-SEE… darkly comic … brilliantly directed … will delight and entertain audiences… Another success for the Antaeus Theatre Company” — Elaine Mura, LA Splash

The Theatre Times
COMPLEXITY ABOUNDS… characters that challenge our concept of what it means to be considered likable, what we might define as a hero, and what the cost of a dream might be. And they are funny to watch–the things they say will make you wince and chuckle in spite of yourself… The moment you lay eyes on the set, you can almost smell the sea air and feel the damp stones against your skin.” — Christine Deitner, The Theatre Times

Arts In LA
“HYSTERICAL, HAUNTING AND CHALLENGINGNOT TO BE MISSED … .compelling characters and relatable struggles… a remarkable cast” — Jonas Schwartz, Arts In LA

Gia On The Move
DELIGHTFUL… nothing short of tragic and triumphant… beautifully done… RECOMMENDED” —Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

COMEDY AND CRUELTY… the performers work seamlessly across both casts as the picture of Irish country-life heaves into focus” — Leigh Kennicott, Showmag

People’s World
DARK HUMOR… a great contemporary play that is both fun to watch and emotionally affecting.” —Eric Gordon, People’s World

Haines His Way
FIVE STARS…  deftly directed… a finely meshed ensemble…  plenty of laughs … lovely, heartfelt emotions… a lovely way to spend a couple of hours with some truly colorful characters.” — Rob Stevens, Haines His Way