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Hothouse – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
“[The actors are] SUPERB… when it comes to gifted performers, Antaeus has an embarrassment of riches… with director Nike Doukas the sure hand at the helm, unearthing plentiful humor in the text.” — F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times|

Stage Raw
RECOMMENDEDSTAGE RAW TOP 10A DARK DELIGHT… sharp, witty and deftly satirical… played to the hilt by a fantastic ensemble…an outstanding and entertaining production.” — Terry Morgan, Stage Raw

Broadway World
BROADWAY WORLDHOT LIST’… RIVETING… packed with the playwright’s signature wit and punch… a particularly seasoned ensemble that delivered the play’s message with chilling intensity.” —Ellen Dostal, Broadway World

Stage Scene LA
WOW!… darkly comedic… [a] rarely performed Harold Pinter gem… directed with inspired flair by Nike Doukas” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

On Stage Los Angeles
CRISP… build[s] to a raucus climax… enlivened by fine actors” — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

People’s World
MENACINGLY AMUSES… Crisply directed by Nike Doukas, the cast enunciates the “Pinteresque” dialogue to chilling effect… The acting is ace, the material challenging, the production rare.” – Eric Gordon, People’s World

Theatre Notes
POLISHED TO PERFECTION… inspired direction… marvelous, crisp and tight” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Stage and Cinema
EXCELLENT… bold choices… belly laughs soon yield to darker forces… exactly the kind of play I hope to see at Antaeus” — Samuel Garza Bernstein, Stage and Cinema

LA Post Examiner
POWERFUL… abundant doses of very dark humor… There is not a moment when what is transpiring on stage doesn’t grab and hold the audience completely. By final curtain the feeling is simply but deeply Wow!” — Ron Irwin, L.A. Post-Examiner

LA Splash
INVOLVING… a comic but scathing indictment of bureaucracy and the people it spawns.” — Elaine Mura, LA Splash

Gia On the Move
BLISTERINGLY PERFECTWILDLY BUOYANT… Each and every sentence, every word, down to the inflections, every stage direction, lighting cue, sound cue, use of a prop, body movement and emotional register by the actors was, in a word, dazzling…. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” — Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

“This EXCEPTIONAL production of a little-seen Pinter play should be on the watch list for every passionate playgoer.” — Michael Van Duzer, Showmag

Haines His Way
FOUR STARSSTRONG ACTING… a rare bit of theatrical history” — Rob Stevens, Haines His Way