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Mother of Henry – Reviews

Los Angeles Times
“CRITIC’S CHOICEFUNNY, IRRESISTIBLE MAGIC… the strength of the performances, the warmth and humor of the developing relationships, the excellence of the design elements and Valenzuela’s spirited direction cast an irresistible spell.” — Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times

Capital and Main
LANDS WIH HUMOR AND A PUNCH… funny, poignant… this endearing production works wonderfully” — Deborah Klugman, Capital and Main

Theatre Notes
PROFOUNDLY TOUCHING… takes flight in a splendid bit of magical realism… The losses of those years [the ‘60s] lead directly to the politics of now… The cast, under the inspired direction of Mr. Valenzuela, is splendid.” — Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

Arts Beat LA
GORGEOUS… Fernández’ gently comic yet profound drama explodes into the universal… Wonderfully moving and deeply human, The Mother of Henry is a beautiful play that resonates on many levels. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” — Pauline Adamek,, Arts Beat LA

Stage Raw
RECOMMENDEDSTAGE RAW TOP 10… a historically reverent piece with an inherent sense of immediacy.” — Dana Martin, Stage Raw

People’s World
“An important and effective story… Hearing the classic protest songs of the period sung by La Virgen de Guadalupe—well, that is special” — Eric Gordon, People’s World

Joe Straw Blogspot
… Comedy and drama mixed with a dash of cumin, cayenne, and crushed chilies…. Run! Run! Run!” — Joe Straw, Joe Straw #9 Blogspot