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Soldier Dreams – Reviews

Los Angeles Blade (The Soldier Dreams & Never Swim Alone)
SHARP HUMOR AND CUTTING OBSERVATION… leans hard into the award-winning playwright’s unique, meta-theatrical approach to maximum advantage… a contemplation of life and death, experience and memory, honesty and deceit, and a host of other dualities that make up human existence.”— John Paul King, Los Angeles Blade

Stage Scene LA (The Soldier Dreams
“[A] GEMRULE BREAKING AND REWARDING… impeccably directed… superbly acted… ends on a note of transcendent joy that makes it truly one of a kind.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Stage Scene LA (Never Swim Alone
WOW!… give[s] new meaning to rapid-fire… tour-de-force performances… a must-see.” — Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

On Stage Los Angeles (The Soldier Dreams
UNIQUE AND A JOY TO REVIEW… moving and well executed… laughs and ironies… The applause at the dancing climax was hearty and deservedly so.” — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

On Stage Los Angeles (Never Swim Alone)
DELICIOUS and equal to the joy derived from well choreographed dance… well written, well directed and well acted.” Michael Sheehan,
On Stage Los Angeles

The Hollywood Times (The Soldier Dreams)
MOVING AND WELL-PERFORMED by a cast that works together so very well.”— Jim Gilles, The Hollywood Times

The Hollywood Times (Never Swim Alone)
RAPID-FIRE… Funny. But underlying the humor of this absurd competition is a darker truth.”  — Jim Gilles, The Hollywood Times

Theatre Notes (The Soldier Dreams
“[The] BOLD, VENERABLE [Open Fist Theatre] company always comes up with unique shows…. The cast is excellent.” — Paul Myrvold,
Theatre Notes

Splash Magazines (The Soldier Dreams)
DARKLY HUMOROUS AND OFTEN WITTY…  a painstaking examination of the emotions of the living tied to the memorable events of the dying.” — Elaine Mura, Splash Magazines

Broadway World (The Soldier Dreams)
FLAWLESS… beautifully written and performed.” — Tracey Paleo, Broadway World, Gia On The Move